World Of Winx season 2 Official Air Date!

Little fairies, are you ready for the new season of World Of Winx?

Get ready because the official air date is 16 June 2017!
Just like last time it will have 13 episodes, 26 minutes each, all released at once!

Are you excited? What do you expect from it!

Also make sure to watch the episodes on my youtube channel - InabluMovies Youtube

World of Winx Magical Camper NEW playset!

Coming from the new spin-off series "World of Winx" produced by Rainbow S.r.l in collaboration with Netflix here is the new Magical Camper Playset!

Pink, stylish and amazing! Ready to live an adventure with the Winx fairies?

❥ For now we have only a preview image but here is what's inside the package:
❥ Binoculars                                       
❥ Removable Wings
❥ Transformable Camper
❥ Blackboard 
❥ Bright Bracalet 
❥ Pen with torch 
❥ Table with bright map 

Size → 65x22x32 cm
90 euro ← Price

Question: How did you expect this camper to be? 

World Of Winx Magazine nr.156 "Il Talent Show" Read it Online!

The new Winx Club magazine number 156 features World Of Winx in a brand new adventure! 
On the cover there are Bloom, Stella and Flora in their Dreamix transformation. 
The title is "The Talent Show". 
Are you curious to see what happens? Read the full story below! 
♥ Language: Italian 
Every page is listed properly
We give a big thank you to who was able to buy and scan it 

Download here! (file will expire in two weeks, i will restore it by then)
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World Of Winx Dremix Official dolls RELEASED!

The new line, inspired by the Winx Club TV show will be debuted this week
A new line of World of Winx dolls will debut at Nuremberg Toy Fair this week, it has been announced by Witty Toys, part of the Rainbow Group.
The line will be based on the popular TV show, Winx Club which has been co-produced by Rainbow and Netflix and has been available since November on Netflix in the US. From January 28th it will also screen on Rai Gulp across Italy.  
Dolls in the new collection include, the eagerly anticipated Dreamix doll which will be available as six different characters - each featuring holographic wings and glittery dresses. Also featured in the collection is the Action-Spy electronic doll which features a light-up body and comes with a special roleplay glove for the girl, inspired by the same item from the TV show.
The firm has enjoyed strong sales recently, with NPD reporting the last Winx doll launched to be the best-selling fashion doll in Italy in November, based on revenue.

World Of Winx Now Available on WinxAvatar!

Have you watched World of Winx? No? Then find it here and hurry to look into your wardrobe on Winx Avatars!
There you will find a lot of new clothes and accessories from World of Winx ... WOW really, just like the ones you have seen in the TV series!
Hurry to change the image of your Avatars and do not miss our new adventure in the land!

Winx Bloomix Quest Game - Flora Character Update!

Winx Bloomix Quest ft. Flora update for Google Play is live in Google Play.

Check out the updates! 

Winx season 8 airs in 2018 CONFIRMED!

In an early interview (which you can read here Link ) which was made before Wolrd of Winx aired, Iginio Staffi said that they were already working on the 8th season of Winx Club. So, YES there will be a season 8! 

Now thanks to a picture which was taken on a Winx event we have further news: It is confirmed for 2018. Check it yourself!

We also see a little description and 3 winx girls. Are you excited?

World Of Winx Official Trailer is OUT!

The brand new series World of Winx is about to make its debut on Netflix, from November 4!

And this time the Winx are deep undercover on Earth, for the most top secret mission: to investigate the mysterious Talent Thief. And determined to save talented boys and girls in danger, along with an energetic host named Ace, they star in the talent reality show "WOW"!

Here are some screens from the trailer!

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Winx Season 7 Butterflix School stuff in Albania!

This school year Rainbow has produced brand NEW school Stuff with the Winx girls in their season 7 fashion style and trasformations! 

Today we'll take a look at the #BackToSchool Winx stuff that you can already buy in Albania (Europe)

Winx doodle little bag Price 15,97(euro)

Winx Butterflix Bag -- Price 15,97(euro)

Winx Butterflix Superlight Bag -- Price 48,36€ (euro)

Winx Double Pencilcase -- Price 14,02€ (euro)

Winx Schoolbag -- Price 48,36€ (euro)

For now, i've found only those. What do you think, are they better or uglier than the last years and seaons Winx merchandise? Comment below!