World Of Winx season 2 episode 4

Musa continues to run throughout the Notre Dame Cathedralfrom Banshee as she tries to look for her weakness until she is eventually cornered on one of the spires.

Meanwhile, in the Enchanted SwampAisha breaks Tecna and Flora as well as the Crocodile Man and Alligator Man out of the cave's mud using her enhanced magic over fluids. Once safely outside the caves, Jim and Smee return from the forests but the Crocodile Man remains apprehensive towards them. Jim clarifies that it was the Queen who imprisoned his brother, not them, and Flora flies in between them, claiming that they must put their personal issues past each other now that they are on the same side against the Queen. The Crocodile and Alligator Men agree to join forces with the Winx and Pirates and, with everything now resolved, Tecna believes that they can return to Earth to continue the search for Peter Pan's son. However, after hearing this, Jim accuses the Winx of wasting their time chasing "an impossible dream" as the World of Dreams continues to suffer, but Flora is certain that Tinkerbell will become the good fairy she once was once she sees Matt. Jim reluctantly admits that the Winx may be right in their plan but still thinks that it is too much of a gamble as they do not even know where Matt could be.

Back in Paris, Musa barely manages to dodge another one of Banshee's supersonic screams and runs to the top of the highest roof to try and confront her. Luckily, Bloom and Stella arrive just on time to help but are rendered useless when Banshee blows them off of the Cathedral before Musa could warn them of her attacks. Musa charges in to try and attack Banshee but her magic does not do anything and she leaves herself wide open for retaliation. Letting out another one of her supersonic screams, Banshee knocks Musa into the roof but one of the wooden tiles flies onto one of the Cathedral bells, causing it to ring out and give her pain. Musa quickly takes notice of this, realizes that Banshee's weakness is harmonious melodies and uses her magic to control the Cathedral bells, using them as large instruments to further torment Banshee with their melodies until she explodes.

With Banshee gone, Musa rushes to Bloom and Stella's side to inform them of the good news. As they try to figure out what happened, vines spring out from under the leaves they are resting on and gently lower them down to the ground, revealing that Flora, Tecna and Aisha have returned from their mission in Neverland. However, just as they are about to continue their search for Matt, they are whisked back into Neverland by the World's Spirit, who claims that Neverland needs their help once again.

The Spirit explains that three mermaids who resided in the Mermaid's Lagoon escaped to Paris after Tinkerbell cursed it, turning it into the bleak and murky place that the Winx see in the image the Spirit shows them. She goes on to explain that the mermaids can assume human form and make it a habit to charm people just to have fun, but the Earth cannot house them, so the Winx must drive them back into Neverland where they belong.
Immediately after the briefing, the Winx are warped back to Paris and Stella takes the lead, claiming to have an idea. Though, unbeknownst to them is that Tinkerbell and the Shaman have already sent out one of her many shadows to spy on them. Tinkerbell reflects on how Bloom and Musa were able to defeat their Nemeses but believes that Stella will not be able to get off so easily. The Shaman naturally agrees as Tinkerbell audibly wonders what her weak point is. The Shaman then lists some of Stella's defining traits like her optimism and seemingly boundless energy and Tinkerbell makes a snide remark over how it seems like Stella only has good qualities.
Once the Winxmobile is parked, Stella takes it upon herself to teach the Winx about how mermaids feel and act so that it would be easier to find the ones they are looking for. Tecna proposes that they do so from inside the Winxmobile to avoid being rushed by eager fans, but Stella insists that they need to go out and search the city and claims that they can hide within the crowd to avoid being noticed altogether.
And so, thanks to Stella's affinity for fashion, the Winx each don on tailormade disguises and explore the city of Paris in search of the trio of mermaids. As the six fairies walk around, Stella brings up how mermaids love being admired and suggests that they search for groups of girls who all cannot go without being admired or fawned over. The Winx trail closely behind as Stella weaves through the crowd in search of three girls in smart, classy and attention-grabbing outfits. She quickly comes across three girls who fit her mermaid qualifications but, after seeing how the girls avoided stepping into a nearby puddle, Stella dismisses the idea of them being mermaids.
Continuing on, Flora spots three girls and believes them to be the mermaids they are looking for due to their cheerful and carefree attitudes. Flora's suspicions are almost confirmed when one of them giggles after being splashed by water from a bubbler but, when the other springs from her seat with an annoyed look on her face, Flora quickly drops them from their list of potential mermaids and becomes discouraged. Bloom then asks Stella what a mermaid's real interests are and Stella goes on to list that they are charming, enchanting and love being praised; all of which seem to fit her more than anyone else. Aisha even comments on the similarities which Stella does not find to be funny until a dark-skinned woman with large purple hair passes by her to meet with two of her friends by a fountain in the center of the square.
Regrouping with her friends, the one with brown hair and red highlights talks about how everything around them is new and nice, and specifically mentions how it is nothing like "the lagoon.
Seeing the interesting-looking girls, Stella whispers to the Winx that she has spotted the mermaids. The three girls in question have now hopped into the fountain and are engaged in a water fight, splashing each other with water as they playfully giggle while the surrounding crowd stares in awe and intrigue. With the whole crowd's eyes on them, the girls coax them into joining their game, their eyes turning a suspicious purple color as they do so. Suddenly, everyone in the crowd finds themselves compelled to approach the fountain, making it impossible for the Winx to pass through.
The mysterious trio of girls' fun is put on hold once local officers rush in to get them out of the fountain, however, the girls leap into the waters of the fountain and disappear in the purple mist. This also causes the crowd to disperse and go about their normal routine, all while the officers search for the girls, confused as to where they could have disappeared to.
That is when Aisha approaches the fountain, places her hand on the water and, using her new Onyrix powers, is able to see that the girls used the water to teleport to a party somewhere else in Paris. Stella then begins to rattle her brains trying to figure out where the mermaids have gone to and quickly comes to the conclusion that they are now at a pool party after catching sight of a nearby billboard advertising one.
Later, once evening hits, the Winx arrive at the pool party where the mermaids have gone. Stella insists that their missions would be a lot more fun if they were like this one, but Musa just wants to find the mermaids and leave as quickly as possible, as she finds the place to be too crowded and the music to be terrible. The Winx then split up to search the crowd on their own.
In another part of the party, the dark-skinned mermaid charms a pair of boys she is dancing with into getting her something to eat. They quickly return, each with a plate of sponge cake, and the brunette mermaid takes one of the plates, believing that her friend would never finish both slices on her own. The blonde mermaid catches sight of a man drinking a strawberry smoothie and tells him of how much she absolutely adores them, to which the man replies by suggesting that she go to the counter to get one. Instead, the blonde mermaid approaches the man and repeats herself about how much she adores strawberry smoothies. This time, she charms the man into giving him his smoothie; all of which Stella sees and becomes increasingly suspicious of.
She then takes it upon herself to approach the trio of mermaids and ask if she can join in on their fun by making up a lie of being unable to find her friends. That is when the dark-skinned mermaid comments on Stella's "scratchy" voice, going so far as to claim that it almost pierced her eardrums, and the surrounding group of people begin to laugh. Stella brushes this off with a nervous chuckle and insists that she needs to scream over the loud music if she wishes to be heard. Unfortunately, the mermaids do not let up on Stella as the brunette one claims that she wishes the music were louder so that they would not have to hear Stella's voice. The surrounding crowd bursts out laughing once more, further hurting Stella's confidence, but she does not let that get to her and continues trying to grow closer to the mermaids by insisting that they go dancing. This only makes the mermaids laugh harder as they cannot believe that she would think they would go dancing with her. The blonde mermaid asks Stella rudely if she had even taken a look at her clothes, causing her, her friends and the charmed men to belt out in laughter, even to the point where Stella finds herself speechless as she is thrown into a painful childhood memory of two girls bullying her, using the exact same words as the blonde mermaid.
The girl in red goes on to point out Stella's "awful" appearance, ranging from her shoes to her hair, which even causes the younger Stella to nervously look at one of her pigtails. She tries to shove all of this aside by telling the two that she only wanted to eat lunch with them, but the girl in red dismisses this by asking if Stella is an idiot and makes it clear that she and her friend do not wish to eat lunch with a loser like her. The two of them then walk off, leaving Stella alone to cry, bringing Stella back to reality where she is crying alone as the mermaids pass by her, still laughing.
From her mirror, Tinkerbell catches sight of this and expresses relief over finally uncovering Stella's weakness.
Stella quickly recollects herself after hearing Flora call out to her, asking if she is okay, and Stella turns to meet Bloom and Flora to tell them that she found the mermaids. Unfortunately though, she lost sight of them after they passed by while she was overtaken by her emotions, but Bloom quickly finds them on the other side of the pool dancing as most of the party-goers crowd around them, charmed by their mermaid magic.
The three fairies soon regroup with Aisha, Musa and Tecna near the mermaids and find that they are also unable to get closer. Musa asks what they should do now and, after noticing the accumulating clouds, Aisha uses her magic to make it rain. The sudden downpour takes the crowd out of their trance and they quickly disperse, believing the party to be over. Once the mermaids notice their adoring crowd leaving, the dark-skinned mermaid charms a few men and dives into the pool, transforming into her true form. Her two friends quickly follow suit and the three of them charm the whole crowd into joining them inside the pool.
Musa fears that the rain may have only made the situation worse, but Stella does not thinks so and reveals to the Winx that the mermaids' charming powers are just too strong.
As the mermaids continue on in their fun, they take notice of one of the party-goers having really nice diving skills. Each of the charmed party-goers tries to outdo the others in diving skills until one of them leaps onto the gurdur holding up some party lights and falls into the pool from there. Impressed, the mermaids have the charmed crowd mimic this man, but the combined weight of the party-goers begins to cause the gurdur to shake and lose ground. Tecna wonders if the crowd has gone bonkers until Bloom chimes in to claim that they need to step in before someone gets themselves hurt.
As the party-goers continue on with their crazy dives, the dark-skinned, white-finned mermaid swims over to the DJ and charms him into playing better music. Once he does so, the mermaid returns to her friends and charmed crowd as the light-bearing gurdur begins to crack apart and give way. To prevent the entire crowd from being electrocuted, Flora uses her magic to try and support it with giant vines, however, she cannot hold it up for very long. Bloom shouts over how they need to get everyone out of the pool but Stella does not think they will be able to do so, as the crowd would not listen to them while they are still under the mermaids' charms.
That is when a portal into the World of Dreams opens up from within the depths of the pool, releasing the Crocodile and Alligator Men to terrorize the crowd into fleeing, freeing them from the mermaids' charms. The Winx quickly take notice of the brothers coming to help them while the mermaids are displeased with them and the Winx ruining their party. They then swim over to another part of the pool to escape with the fleeing crowd while the gurdur finally gives way and falls into the pool. With everyone safe, the Winx decide to pursue the mermaids but not without thanking the Crocodile and Alligator Men for their help.
The mermaids continue to flee from the pool party but are quickly met by the Winx suited up in their spy outfits. The dark-skinned mermaid tries to use the water from a nearby fire hydrant to blast them away, but Aisha easily dispels the water, causing the mermaids to realize that the Winx are fairies. The brunette in red suspects that they were sent by the Queen to force them back into their old Lagoon and they try to flee again, only to be startled by an oncoming truck that luckily stops in time. The truck driver hops out of his truck to ask if the mermaids are crazy but the startled mermaids fun off, only to be scared by more and more cars that almost run them over. The Winx pursue the mermaids, who now weave through a crowd and are stopped by a man's opening umbrella. They continue running away, being scared by other things like a barking dog and a man in a sandwich suit, and stop by some crossroads which also happen to be near the Winx.
Tecna uses her magic to switch the stoplights from red to green to prevent the mermaids from crossing the street, giving the rest of the Winx an opportunity to catch up. Their chase soon makes it onto the rooftops of buildings, where the blonde mermaid slips during one of her leaps and almost plummets to her doom, but is luckily caught by one of her friends. As she is being pulled up, Bloom demands to know if the mermaids have realized that they have only gotten themselves into trouble and claims that Earth is not their world, but the dark-skinned mermaid tells Bloom to go tell her Queen that they will never return to the Lagoon as she and her two friends continue to flee. She then picks up the blonde mermaid onto her back after she tells them that she hurt her ankle, but they quickly lose their footing and slip off of the roof!
Now hanging by the breaking gutters, Flora rushes to their aid, only for the gutters to completely snap, causing the mermaids to plummet to the sidewalk below. Fortunately, Flora finds a bundle of vines nearby and uses them to catch the mermaids just before they hit the ground and lowers them to safety. Realizing that the Winx saved them, the mermaids apologize for causing so much trouble as they thought that the Winx were the Queen's allies. The brunette mermaid agrees to the idea of returning to Neverland to seek out Jim and offer their help to their cause. Bloom insists that they will have a better chance at fighting the Queen with more allies and the mermaids thank the Winx for all they have done before leaping into a fountain to return to Neverland as promised.
With the mermaids gone, the Winx can return to their search for Peter Pan's son, Matt, and Musa takes it upon herself to utilize her Sound Harmony spell to track his voice to his current location but not before warning the Winx that she will need absolute silence for it to work. With all of them quiet, Musa uses her Sound Harmony and quickly picks up Matt's voice. Using this, Musa leads the Winx to an apartment and the six fairies break in through one of the ceiling windows.
Once inside, the Winx look around the room to look for Matt and come to realize that Musa had tracked his voice coming from his answering machine to his flat. Realizing that Matt seems to be a solitary person, Musa admits to the fact that it will not be easy tracking his voice in all of Paris. Little do they know is that Matt is out for a walk in the city listening to music as a suspicious man seems to be following him from closely behind.
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World Of Winx season 2 episode 3 Netflix

Jim and Smee continue walking through the forests of Neverland, with Jim proudly strutting about while Smee is shaking like a leaf. Jim tells Smee that fear is just a state of mind and Smee agrees but cannot help but fear what may be coming their way. Jim turns back to Smee, fixes up his posture and continues strutting about. Smee continues to look around, still frightened, so Jim takes it upon himself to "test" Smee's bravery by running off and hiding to see how he fairs alone. Smee cautiously looks for Jim as Jim calls out to him, telling him to use his guts to find him, and continues encouraging Smee even after he fell on his face

As Smee continues to frantically look for Jim, he sees a large shadow in the distance and calls out to it, mistaking it to be Jim. That is when Jim leaps down from a tree behind Smee to confirm that the shadow is not him until the two pirates are suddenly attacked by the Crocodile Man!
Meanwhile, in London, the Winx try to figure out the meaning behind the fresco mural from the theatre inside their Winxmobile. Bloom notices that the mural resembles the night sky and wonders whether it may be a map or code. As Tecna arranges some pretzels around on a table, Stella asks if she has any apps that could crack the fresco's code, to which Tecna explains that she would need to know more about the code itself in order to use her devices on it. She claims that she is trying to categorize the patterns and groupings on the fresco through her arranged pretzels until she is cut off by Stella snatching and eating one of the pretzels as she claims that technology and logic would not be very useful now. She then claims that it would be much better to just wish on the stars of the mural and, when told to do quietly, Stella loudly whispers her wish until Tecna tells her that she was only being sarcastic.
Suddenly, the Winx feel a strange feeling and find themselves warped back to Neverland in a bright blue light. Once they have all been summoned, the Spirit of the World of Dreams informs them that someone in Neverland is in danger and needs their help right away, however, the Winx still need to search for Matt.
The Winx are immediately warped back into the Winxmobile and Bloom, though reluctant, decides that they should split up and tasks Aisha, Flora and Tecna with answering the Spirit's distress call while she, Stella and Musa stay behind to continue their search. And so, Aisha's group promptly transforms into their Onyrix and enter the World of Dreams, where they find the Crocodile Man pursuing Jim and Smee.

As the two pirates continue to outrun their pursuer, Tecna reminds the girls that the Crocodile Man is immune to direct magical attacks. Aisha insists that they can just take him down using indirect magic and has Flora fly off in a different direction so that she can catch the monster off-guard, while she and Tecna fly after him. They eventually catch up to the Crocodile Man and direct his attention away from Jim and Smee as they begin their attack. Tecna tries to attack the Crocodile Man while he is occupied by Aisha but she is knocked to the ground by his powerful tail. Aisha tries to fly in to Tecna's rescue as the Crocodile Man looms over her but rather than attack, the Crocodile Man runs off in another direction. Confused, Tecna wonders if the monster somehow missed his attack on her, but things only get even more confusing when the Crocodile Man stops in his tracks, almost as if he wants the two fairies to follow him. Tecna and Aisha do just that until the Crocodile Man stops again to deflect flying boulders; boulders that are being launched at him by Flora's vines.
Eventually, Flora launches enough boulders at the Crocodile Man to completely bury him in them. Unfortunately, the pile of boulders do not hold the Crocodile Man under them for too long as he bursts himself out of the rubble and runs off with the three fairies on his tail.
Back on Earth, Bloom, Stella and Musa still struggle to crack the code hidden in the fresco mural. Bloom begins to doubt that the mural may be a code and lists down a few possibilities as Musa dances around the Winxmobile jamming to her music until Stella gets her attention. After being told of the urgency behind their current problem, Musa takes her headphones off, directs her attention onto the mural and guesses that it may be a map towards another famous place. Stella jumps from the couch, ecstatic at Musa's idea, and volunteers to compare the mural to some of the most famous star maps they have, only to get distracted by comparing the mural to a map of Hollywood. After Bloom scolds her for it, Musa tries out many other maps of the planet's major cities like London and Rome. Eventually, the three of them find a map that matched up with the mural and each of its stars: Paris, and the Notre Dame Cathedral lines up perfectly with the mural's brightest star. And so, the three fairies travel to Paris in the hopes that they will be able to find Matt at Notre Dame.
The Winx soon make it to Paris and Musa is quick to take in all of the sights and people of the city as she walks around with her headphones on.
Meanwhile, in the World of Dreams, Tecna, Flora and Aisha continue to follow the Crocodile Man into a murky swamp and watch cautiously as he enters a cave in the middle of it. Aisha believes that the Crocodile Man is trying to lure them into a trap of his, but Tecna is certain that he may have another reason as he ran away from her after knocking her to the ground, completely missing an opportunity to attack as if it was on purpose. Flora suspects that the Crocodile Man wants to show them something inside the cave and Aisha claims that there is only one way to find out what that thing could be.
Back in Paris, the Winxmobile has been surrounded by eager Winx Band fans and while Bloom and Musa are worried about this hampering their mission, Stella is loving all of the attention. She goes on about how they can film a rockumentary of their band and volunteers to show their fans to a rare backstage tour; all of which cause Musa to miss Flora's outlandish ideas. Stella then continues to question Musa, mimicking that of a reporter, until Bloom tells her to focus on their mission at hand: finding Matt. Once Stella has settled herself down, Musa proposes that one of them slip away as the others stay to keep their fans busy. Bloom agrees with the idea and tasks Musa with that role, as she has the best stealth skills out of the group. She then tasks Stella with keeping their fans busy for long enough to keep from having them see Musa slip away and Stella ecstatically takes on the role by stepping out of the Winxmobile to greet the crowd.
Later, once night falls, Musa begins hopping from rooftop to rooftop on her solo mission to locate the Notre Dame Cathedral. It does not take long for her to get to a point where the Cathedral is within her sights but, little does she know is that Tinkerbell, the Shaman and Tinkerbell's newest creation are watching her from the shadows.
The Shaman believes that Musa will be at her most vulnerable this time but Tinkerbell is not so sure as she is a strong and fast fighter. The Shaman tries to assure Tinkerbell by claiming that Banshee is stronger but Tinkerbell, still skeptical, simply looks back to her mirror to see the events unfold.
And so, Musa continues sprinting and hopping closer towards the Cathedral as Banshee quietly looms close behind. As she edges closer towards the Cathedral, Musa wonders if there is another clue nearby. Leaping from a nearby building, Musa uses her magical grappling gloves to scale the walls of the Cathedral until she makes it to the roof and spots a stone carving of a boy looking at stars with what looks like a telescope. Suddenly, a voice calls out from behind her, demanding to know who she is and when she turns around in surprise, Musa finds a young boy with curly brown hair staring back at her.
Musa quickly takes notice of the strange telescope-looking device in the boy's hands and asks if he is Matt, to which the boy asks how she was able to learn of his name. Musa approaches Matt as she claims that she just needs to talk but something startles Matt and causes him to run off. Musa tries to chase him but when she reaches the ledge he jumped off of, she finds that he is too fast for her, and so she tries to use her Sound Harmony to keep track of his movements. She is able to do so with relative ease, using his sound to see where he is headed, until Banshee slips behind Musa and releases her own sound waves to disrupt Musa's Sound Harmony, causing her to lose sight of Matt. To make matters worse, she fears that someone nearby was the cause behind the mysterious interference she received.
Her Winx Watch begins beeping, showing an incoming call from Bloom and, as she turns to answer, Banshee slips back behind Musa to attack. Musa turns back around and catches sight of Banshee who releases a strong gust of wind from her mouth. Musa quickly leaps the nearby rail to escape her Nemesis' attack and ducks behind a corner as she follows. Luckily, Banshee flies by her hiding place, which gives her the chance to call Bloom in for backup.
Bloom finally receives the call and Musa fills her in on her findings while, unfortunately, giving away her location to Banshee. Bloom tries to get more answers out of her but all Musa can say is that her mind hurts before the call cuts out.
Meanwhile, in the World of Dreams, Aisha tells Flora and Tecna that they need to go into the cave ready for anything that it may have in store for them. Before they enter the cave, they hear a noise approaching them, and Flora takes the initiative by conjuring up a few vines. Aisha demands to know who is coming towards them and it turns out to be Jim and Smee coming to warn them about their current location: the Enchanted Swamp. He goes on to explain that the Queen cursed the swamp to use as a prison for the most terrifying creatures in all of Neverland, including the Alligator Man, the Crocodile Man's brother. Flora realizes that the Crocodile Man led them to the Swamp to free his brother and the three fairies waste no time heading into the caves as Jim lets them know that he and Smee will be guarding the opening of the caves in case the Queen sends in her shadows to attack.
As the three fairies fly deeper into the depths of the caves, the slimy mud covering the walls drips onto them from the ceiling. Flora notes that the mud is rather sticky and Tecna adds that its stickiness is messing with their wings, making it harder to fly. Aisha proposes that they walk instead but, when they land onto what seems to be solid ground, they sink into waist-deep mud and have to trudge through it as more of it drips from the ceiling. Eventually, the three fairies make it to a large room in the caves where the Crocodile Man stands in front of a cage made of stalagmites and stalactites entrapping his brother.
As they continue trudging closer to the Crocodile Man, Flora senses something strange coming from the mud but does not try to lag too far behind her friends. Soon enough, Tecna calls out to the Crocodile Man, asking if he needs their help, and the Crocodile Man turns his head towards the imprisoned Alligator Man, who turns to look back at the three fairies. Believing their issue to be simple, Aisha claims that all they have to do is blow apart the spires of the Alligator Man's "cell," but Tecna stops her before she can attempt to do so, believing that something is wrong here. She goes on to ask where the jailer to the Swamp Jail could be until Flora claims that the jailer is here and quiets them down to listen to their surroundings more closely. The three of them listen in on their surroundings and come to hear stranger sounds that they did not notice before. Aisha asks what these could be and Flora identifies them to be akin to that of a heartbeat and breathing sounds, revealing that they are inside someone
Suddenly, strange mucusy tendrils with bug-like heads emerge from the surrounding mud to attack. Aisha is almost attacked by a few but the Crocodile Man swats them all away in time with his tail, showing that he is no longer an enemy. Aisha then dodges another one of the tendrils but it simply zooms past her to grab hold of Tecna's waist. Aisha and Flora are quickly grabbed by tendrils themselves as the Crocodile Man tries to outrun three of them. Luckily, Aisha breaks free of her tendril and tries to fly away but the mud from their attackers hampers her attempts and causes her to be caught by another tendril. She is able to slip away again but now she is surrounded by five of them, so Tecna struggles to conjure up a technomagic shield to keep her friend safe. Unfortunately, the shield quickly breaks down and as Aisha is grabbed by yet another tendril, Flora tries to use her magic to do away with them, only to see that her vines cannot survive in the mucusy mud.
Tecna suggests that she try to communicate with the caves since it is a living creature and Flora tries to do so but cannot as the creature is a being created by magic, not by nature. Soon enough, the battle takes a turn for the worse when the tendrils grab hold of the Crocodile Man and drag him into the cave walls, completely absorbing him. Aisha tries to get away and almost does, only for her foot to get grabbed and pulled into the walls as well, with Tecna and Flora following suit. Now trapped within the walls, the three fairies struggle to break free as they are being slowly absorbed.
Back in Paris, Musa continues trying to outrun Banshee on one of the roofs of the Cathedral until Banshee uses her powers over air and disruptive sounds to rip the roof's tiling off to use them as projectiles. Musa is able to dodge this attack so Banshee stops to use a more focused wave to launch the tiles. Musa is barely able to dodge this wave and struggles to beat back Banshee's disruptive sound waves from her head as Banshee amplifies them enough to cause the nearby gargoyle statues to completely explode. Banshee continues to chase Musa down as Musa tries to find her weakness before it is too late. She then stops on another part of the Cathedral to face Banshee, only to be caught off-guard when her Nemesis removes her mask to blow her off of the roof with a powerful gust. Luckily, though, Musa is able to grab onto a ledge from a lower part of the Cathedral, but Banshee quickly catches up to her and readies yet another scream.
In another part of the city, Bloom and Stella rush to Notre Dame to answer Musa's distress call before it is too late.
As for the other half of the group in Neverland, the three fairies now have all but their heads and hands absorbed by the walls of the cave. Aisha simply closes her eyes, almost as if she is accepting her fate, as Tecna and Flora continue to struggle until all three of them have been completely consumed.
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World Of Winx season 2 episode 2 [FULL EPISODE]

The Winx look for Peter Pan's son in London, but their efforts stall when Bloom is stalked by a nemesis created by the Queen to exploit her weakness.

The Winx continue their world tour alongside Annabelle and Louise with their popularity skyrocketing as their albums fly off of the shelves and their performances are broadcast live in major cities like New York.

After their latest concert, Annabelle and Louise thank the Winx for bringing them unimaginable success and say their goodbyes as the Winx need to continue their world tour. Louise tells them that she and Annabelle will be taking inspiration from the Winx for their next concerts and is sure that they will get to perform on-stage together again someday. Stella even promises on it.

The next day, the Winx go about their daily routine as Bloom reads Peter Pan's last letter to Wendy and, from the letter, she comes to learn that Peter Pan used to call himself "Peter Barrie" and has a son named Matt. Bloom asks Tecna if anything has come up in her search when using "Peter Barrie" as a clue but nothing comes up, not even an email. Aisha deduces that Peter's final letter was that of a farewell and asks Stella what she thinks, only to realize that she was not paying attention as Stella just asks Aisha if she should add more yellow spray paint to her canvas. Flora approaches Tecna, trying to hand her one of her cupcakes as she guesses that Peter may have been in danger, but Tecna believes that he simply wanted to vanish into nothing, pushing Flora's hand back. Bloom comments on how he did such a thing perfectly if that were the case and Musa, removing her headphones, claims that the only clue to Peter they have left is his son, Matt. Tecna then searches of the name "Matt Barrie" and finds that he had set up an internet profile just a few days ago. Flora jumps up excitedly over how lucky that was until Tecna corrects her, claiming that the red screen on her monitor means that incoming danger. She informs the girls an "FF Code" approaching them and Stella jumps in surprise, accidentally spraying a stripe of yellow paint onto Aisha. Bloom advises for the girls not to panic as they take their places while, in another part of the Winxmobile, Stella peers out of a nearby window and screams at the sight of five of "them" outside. Aisha looks out of another window and corrects her, pointing out how there are now ten of "them," and Tecna begins to panic, believing that they will never be able to get out of this situation. Things go from bad to worse once Stella shouts that there are now twenty of "them" outside and this turns out to be a crowd of their adoring fans that has surrounded the Winxmobile in the hopes of getting autographs from their favorite musicians.

Tecna turns to the girls and asks what their next move should be, to which Musa insists that they have a mission to carry out while Bloom believes that they cannot just let down all of their fans. That is when Flora gets an idea—one of which causes the Winx to dread what is coming next.
All large billboard showcasing the Winx's album cover rises from the top of the Winxmobile as Flora announces to the surrounding crowd that they will be hosting the Winx Club: Backstage event tomorrow. There, they will have the opportunity to meet each of their favorite bandmates and partake in personalized activities like watching Musa improvise, get tip on the latest fashion trends from Stella and take selfies with Tecna. Though they may not like Flora's plan, it did end up making the crowd leave, giving them the opportunity they need to start searching for Matt by nightfall.
And so, night falls and the Winx begin their search by leaping from rooftop to rooftop looking for clues. Strangely, London is completely deserted and fog begins to roll in, obscuring their fields of vision. Bloom advises for them not to lose their concentration but the fog becomes so thick that the girls can no longer see out in front of them. Bloom proposes that they stay close together but Stella runs out farther into the fog after promising to find them, leaving Bloom all alone. She calls out to her friends but is interrupted by a completely different voice calling her a fool, insisting that she cannot save her friends from "destiny." Bloom asks the voice of its identity, to which the voice claims to be Vertigo, her worst nightmare, and belts out a manically laugh. Bloom looks around for the source of the voice and suddenly comes face-to-face with the face of a young girl painted white with black sclera and a slasher smile. Bloom jumps back, falls over the side of the bridge and the next thing she knows is that she is in her bed screaming.
Flora switches the room light on as the rest of the Winx surround Bloom to comfort her. The only thing Bloom knows is that she had just experienced a very realistic dream and explains this dream to the Winx. Musa jumps from her bed, demanding to know why everyone is up so late as she cannot sleep with the lights on, and Bloom explains that she just had a bad dream. Musa repeats the fact that she cannot sleep with the lights on until Aisha snatches her headphones, revealing that Musa somehow sleeps while blasting music.
Meanwhile, Vertigo returns to Tinkerbell's lair and proudly proclaims that Bloom has become frightened and confused thanks to her. After belting out another one of her maniacal laughs, Vertigo insists that she has now got Bloom on the ropes, only for Tinkerbell to question her confidence. Vertigo flies towards Tinkerbell, swearing that she knows Bloom more than anyone else due to being her Nemesis, but Tinkerbell is not convinced and tells her that simply waking Bloom up in the middle of the night will not be enough to defeat her. Vertigo then claims that her powers do not stop at that and Tinkerbell demands that she show it. Vertigo belts out another laugh and flies towards Tinkerbell again to proclaim that she does not take orders from anyone; not even a "little fairy" such as Tinkerbell "playing" the role of Queen. The Shaman tries to step in, insulted by Vertigo's disrespect, but Tinkerbell holds him back as Vertigo goes on to claim that she can break anyone's confidence, even Bloom's. Belting out another laugh, Vertigo disappears in a flash of purple light, most likely to continue tormenting her target.

With Vertigo gone, the Shaman expresses his disdain for the Nemesis, but Tinkerbell believes that she may be able to find and exploit Bloom's weak point if she knows her as well as she claims to.
In the morning, the Winx hold their Winx Club: Backstage event as planned and, unfortunately, Venomya does not miss it either and remains eager to find just one thing wrong to write a negative review about. The Winx struggle to entertain all of their many fans while engaging in the events Flora planned out for them. In one of the crowds, a mysterious girl that looks eerily like Bloom stares at her for a short while before walking off. Bloom notices the girl and chases after her after catching a glimpse of what seemed to be a webcam hidden in her hair. Aisha tries to stop Bloom to ask if she confirmed their next gig in New York but Bloom runs off, worrying her.
As she continues to search for the mystery girl, Flora informs the crowd that Bloom writes the lyrics to their songs, but she has no time to stop by and indulge their fans and runs off to another part of the park. Aisha chases after Bloom when she dashes by her again and, when she makes it close to the stage, Bloom spots the mystery girl hanging from one of the beams! She climbs up the metal bars to the top of the stage to pull of the mystery girl but, once she grabs hold of her hand, the girls face turns white like the one in her nightmare and she pulls her down! Luckily, Aisha catches Bloom's arm before she falls and pulls her back up to safety.
After a bit of rest, Aisha asks Bloom what happened and Bloom tells her that a girl was trying to save a girl who was in danger, but this only makes Aisha even more confused as she did not see anyone other than Bloom at the top of the stage.
Later that day, the Winx find themselves in front of a literary café that Tecna claims to be Matt's workplace as it was the only fact that she was able to find about the young man online. Bloom praises both Tecna and Stella on their research and disguises respectively as Stella reminds them of their cover story as door-to-door pastry chefs and thanks SuperSue for helping her make their outfits. Aisha confirms that the Winxmobile is parked in place and so the Winx step out to enter the café. Flora stops Bloom before she gets off the Winxmobile to express her worries, but Bloom insists that she is fine and that their mission takes priority.
Once inside the café, the Winx showcase their various pastries, one of which is a sample of Victoria's sponge cake, but the owner of the café claims that they are already serving the same cake. That is when Flora uses a tiny bit of her magic to change the strawberries on top of the cake to blackberries, causing the customers to crowd around for a slice. With their cover successful, Bloom and Musa search farther into the café for Matt or any clues that may relate to him.
Bloom looks in between some book of various bookcases, only to suddenly come face-to-face with Vertigo, causing her to scream and recoil back. Musa rushes to Bloom's side as Bloom claims that "she" is playing with her but, when she turns to face Musa, she finds Vertigo looming behind her, sneering directly at Bloom. Bloom rushes at Musa to push her away from Vertigo and, once she gets up, Musa asks Bloom who could be behind her. Bloom claims that there was a strange presence but Musa insists that she would have heard someone if she were around thanks to her strong hearing. Bloom quickly becomes insulted by Musa's claims and demands to know if Musa thinks she was just dreaming all of this up and Musa is unable to answer. She then helps Bloom onto her feet as the two of them continue their search for clues.
The two of them quickly come across a pinboard with a picture of a man spilling over various drinks onto a couple of customers marked down as "The Worst Waiter of the Year." Bloom asks if Musa thinks that the waiter could be Matt but she is not sure so she uses her Winxwatch to scan the photo and send it to Tecna.
Meanwhile, at the front of the café, Stella shoves a slice of sponge cake into the owner's mouth to keep him from suspecting them too much. He admits to the cake being delicious and wishes to know what kind of flour was used, so Stella pulls Flora over to answer his queries. Tecna gets a notification on her Winxwatch and asks Musa and Bloom if they were able to find anything, to which Musa informs Tecna if the picture she sent, requesting that Tecna check to see if it matches any photos on Matt's online profile. Tecna lets them know that she will proceed with the necessary analysis.
As Bloom continues to inspect the picture, she spots Vertigo's shadow looming behind her and turns around to combat her tormenter. However, she finds one of the café waiters behind her instead, frightened by her reaction as he had just asked what they would like, and Musa is also surprised by Bloom's behavior. Regaining her composure, Bloom tells the waiter that they are in search of Matt, and the waiter quickly become irritated by the mention of such a name and calls Matt a "good for nothing." The waiter proceeds to clean up some tables as he insists that the two girls are wasting their time, revealing that Matt was fired just two days ago and, when Bloom asks why he was fired, the waiter goes on a tirade on Matt's negative traits until Musa stops him. The waiter goes on to explain that Matt had thousands of ideas but did nothing at all, had dreams of seeing the world and wanted to work at the local theatre first. The waiter then trounces off in a huff and, later, the Winx exit the café, where Bloom informs them of what hers and Musa's findings.
Just then, Bloom is interrupted by the sound of screeching tires approaching them and turns to see Vertigo speeding the Winxmobile directly at her! Leaping to the other side of the street, Bloom warns the girls of the oncoming vehicle, but the Winx stare back at her with worried looks on their faces. Bloom slowly approaches the Winxmobile to find that it is just Aisha behind the wheel letting them know that they are ready to move out and lowers her head as she heads inside.
A short while later, Bloom finally tells the Winx of the strange presence that has been haunting her all day. Aisha demands to know who this presence is, to which Bloom reveals it to be a girl who calls herself "Vertigo" and tells them of how she had seen her while inside the literary café and even driving the Winxmobile. Musa points out how they did not see anyone and Bloom admits to all of this being in her head, but still cannot understand how or why. That is when Tecna chimes in, suspecting that Bloom has not gotten any sleep recently, and Bloom confesses to being afraid of dreaming. Stella sits herself next to Bloom and gently places her hand over hers as she gives her a reassuring look. Flora then insists that they need Bloom to help find Matt and Bloom agrees to do so after letting out a short sigh.
Once night falls, the Winx hop from rooftop to rooftop and scale multiple buildings until they make it to the Concert Hall where, once they are all inside, begin to search for any clues relating back to Matt. Bloom tries to keep all of the Winx close but they are all adamant about splitting up into groups of two as it would help them cover more ground. Flora and Aisha search the lower levels of the theatre in the stands, trying to figure out why Matt would want to become its keeper, as Musa and Tecna ascend to the upper levels and come across a fresco mural on the ceiling.
The two of them engage in some banter as Musa deduces that the fresco may be hiding a key clue to Matt's whereabouts and asks if Tecna can scan it with her Winxwatch. Tecna does just that as her scan picks up five key points of the fresco mural.
Bloom and Stella check the stage area of the theatre and the two hear a sudden flickering noise. Stella takes it upon herself to check as Bloom tells her not to go too far, believing that it may be dangerous. Just then, a strange bit of fog surrounds Bloom, just like how it did in her nightmare, and Vertigo's voice tells her to consider the fog as nothing more than a little deja vu. Thrown into a panic, Bloom asks if any of her friends can hear her until Vertigo reveals that none of them can see her. Bloom then vows to find her and Vertigo claims that Bloom must deal with her on her own unless she wishes to put her friends in harm's way.
Bloom runs into another part of the stage area in search of Vertigo and puts her guard up as she continues down a small space. Aisha rushes to Bloom's side trying to ask where she ended up, but when Bloom turns around, she finds Vertigo sneering at her, so she knocks a ladder at her and runs off. Stella tries to stop Bloom, insisting that there is no need to run away, but all Bloom sees is Vertigo and uses her magic to send nearby items flying at her to defend herself. Stella manages to avoid getting hit and asks Bloom why she is attacking her but Bloom retorts by asking why she keeps harassing her and runs off.
In another part of the theatre, Aisha has gathered the rest of the Winx to explain what has happened and Stella joins them, telling them the exact same thing. Flora insists that they put a stop to this power until Tecna wonders how they can do such a thing if they cannot even see it. Musa deduces that only Bloom can deal with it and Stella calls Bloom over. When Bloom arrives, she is on-edge, enraged, and sees her friends as five visions of Vertigo sneering and mocking her. One of the images asks if Bloom can recognize any of them and Bloom suddenly finds herself face-to-face with a mirror image of herself who explains that she must protect her inner self if she wishes to be rid of Vertigo. Bloom tries to clear her head as one of the five Vertigo tells Bloom that they are worried for her in Flora's voice but nothing works. The five Vertigo tell Bloom to trust them as her inner self demands that she destroy them before they surround her. Bloom summons a bit of her fire as she prepares to attack until the Vertigo with Flora's voice tells her not to trust her eyes but her heart as they are her friends. Bloom then closes her eyes as her inner self continues to shout at her to destroy the five Vertigo until she refuses. When she opens her eyes, Bloom can see the Winx for her they are and identifies her "inner self" with her nightmare, her Nemesis. Vertigo tries to keep up the act, insisting that she is Bloom, but Bloom has come to realize that Vertigo is a part of her that she must accept.
Channeling all of her fire magic, Bloom blows Vertigo's disguise away and Vertigo begins to taunt Bloom, believing that she cannot simply "accept" her Nemesis. Bloom is confident that she can as Vertigo is just a projection of her innermost fears, and so she sends out a wave of her fire to surround her.
The flames quickly engulf Vertigo as Bloom opens her arms out wide, invoking the shadow of her stolen essence from within her Nemesis and accepting it back into her being. Now without Bloom's essence, the flames completely burn away at Vertigo until she is no more, leaving Bloom with her peace of mind.
The Winx quickly surround Bloom to make sure she is alright now and, when asked who Vertigo was, Bloom reveals that she was an agent sent by Tinkerbell. Tecna asks if she is sure about that and Bloom confirms this, revealing that Tinkerbell was watching them from the beginning and claims that now she wishes to attack them. Musa realizes that they are no longer safe outside of the World of Dreams and, as Bloom stated, Tinkerbell watches the Winx from her mirror and seems to have chosen her next target. She then turns to a stalagmite behind her and conjures up Musa's Nemesis, Banshee.
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World of Winx season 2 episode 1 [Full Episode]

The episode opens up with Jim and Smee wandering the forests of the World of Dreams. With Jim's back turned to him, Smee brandishes a hidden sword and tries to strike Jim down before he can even notice what is going on. Though, Jim pulls out his hidden hooked knife and is easily able to knock Smee's sword out of his hands. Jim then tells Smee that the element of surprise is an essential thing and Smee agrees, praising his captain on executing such a smart move. The two of them continue walking through the forests, unaware of the shadowy figures that are lurking behind them.

After hearing a strange noise, the pair turn around to see if they are being followed but do not find anyone, so Jim continues what he was saying by adding in that surprise is what they have over the Queen as she does not even know that they are plotting against her. Unfortunately for them, though, it seems like Tinkerbell is going to find this out soon enough.

Meanwhile, it seems that there is a concert taking place in Gardenia. As it turns out, AnnabelleLouiseMusaStella, and Aisha are performing together as a band for a very welcoming crowd while Bloom and Tecna survey the concert from the surrounding buildings trying to stop it from being ruined by a mysterious intruder. Tecna pulls out her smartphone and looks over various photos of broken instruments as she tells Bloom that all of the attacks have been carried out by the same person. Bloom believes that their true challenge will be catching the saboteur while keeping their magic hidden, but she is interrupted by Tecna, who seems to have spotted her. Though they are not properly in position yet, Tecna asks if they should move in now. Bloom tells her that they must hold off for now to see what the saboteur's target exactly is and leaps onto another rooftop to change positions.

Bloom eventually makes it to the park across the street from the concert and spots a woman in black approaching the stage. Flora notifies Bloom of this through her Winx Watch and, when tasked to slow the woman down, Flora uses one of the stage lights to blind and disorient her. Bloom praises Flora on a job well done but just as she is about to proclaim the next step of their plan, the lights go out!

The lights flash back on after the brief blackout and, naturally, everyone is either confused or displeased. Annabelle looks back at Louise disapprovingly until Louise claims to not be at fault for it this time. Tecna then informs Musa that the blackout was nothing more than a voltage drop and tasks herself with fixing it from the rooftop of a building behind the stage. Meanwhile, Bloom tells the girls to continue playing music and the five girls do as they are told, with Musa insisting that the audience barely noticed the blackout. Unfortunately, though, another short blackout happens as the woman in black makes it closer and closer to the backstage area.

Flora informs Bloom of this and Bloom tasks her with intercepting the woman again, so Flora descends from the top of the stage to do so. Just as she is about to use her magic, Flora hears the voices of two people growing closer and is forced to hide behind a tree until they pass by. Meanwhile, another blackout occurs and it is much longer than the two before it.
Stella claims to have an idea but Aisha and Musa insist that she hold off on it as Tecna is still trying to fix it. That is until Tecna tells them that she cannot fix the voltage drop and cannot figure out why.
Flora jumps out of her hiding spot to intercept the woman in black but she is nowhere to be found, all while Bloom continues to rush backstage from behind the crowd. However, it seems as though the woman in black has made it backstage where she finds that most of the electrical cords have been cut and pulls out her phone, claiming that nothing can save the Winx from a bad review.
In that moment, Stella subtly uses her magic to switch the lights back on and the girls continue their concert, much to the woman's surprise and displeasure. That is when Bloom leaps in front of the woman's camera and greets her. The woman, Venomya, accuses Bloom of using terrible budget cuts to create dangerous situations, and Bloom admits to this, claiming that it creates suspense for the audience, all while subtly using her magic to restore the electrical cables while Venomya is distracted. When Venomya looks back at the cables, she is surprised and infuriated by how they have mysteriously been fixed, and Tecna and Flora enter the frame, with Flora claiming that their little stunt worked great.
As the five girls continue their performance, the cheers from the crowd grow louder and catch Venomya's attention. She then turns back to Bloom and insists that just because they started a pop rock band as talent scouts does not make them talented musicians, and Bloom rebuts this by claiming that all six of them hold passion and talent; adding that they have been touring the world for years now. Tecna jumps into the argument by claiming that the audience's cheering proves how talented they are but Venomya is adamant in her opinions and tells the three fairies that the crowd's cheers are nothing compared to a critic's review. She then promises that the Winx will be hearing from her again and leaves.
With Venomya gone, Bloom, Flora and Tecna finally get a moment to breath. Bloom comments on her relentlessness as Tecna reveals that Venomya has been to all of their concerts ever since they started touring and has not missed writing negative reviews of them either. That is when Musa, Aisha and Stella regroup with their friends, with Stella insisting that it was her special light touch that saved the day, when suddenly, the six of them are engulfed in a flash of light and forced into a new form!
The Winx soon find themselves in a dark blue space in a new fairy form! Bloom quickly realizes that their Dreamix has evolved into something new and she is interrupted by a strange, distorted voice that seems relieved that the Winx answered its call. Bloom asks the voice who it is and a familiar green fairy appears before her. Flora also recognizes the distorted voice and the Forest Spirit goes on to introduce herself as the Spirit of the World of Dreams. She adds that her world is in danger and that the Winx are the only ones capable of saving it. Aisha flies up to the Spirit to ask why they are the only ones who can do such a thing and she answers by revealing that the Winx's powers are drawn from dreams themselves. The girls seem to be surprised by her answer and the Spirit goes on to explain that without dreams, fantasy could no longer exist and, without fantasy, fairies would cease to exist. Stella is certain that she would still exist if that were to happen until the Spirit clarifies that her magic would not and believes that the Winx's new Onyrix powers are proof of this fact. Tecna then realizes something and asks the Spirit why she did not inform them of this the last time they were in the World of Dreams, to which the Spirit claims that it is because the Winx are ready now—ready to save the World of Dreams as well as the dreams of everyone in the world.
In another part of the World of Dreams, Jim and Smee are attacked by a shadow monster and every time Jim cuts it down, it duplicates into more monsters. Once there are four of them, they begin to surround the two pirates until they are washed away from a random tidal wave from the sky! The two pirates turn their heads to the source of the wave and find that the Winx have come to their rescue. Stella quickly notices Smee and demands to know what he is doing here since he was the Queen's servant once before. Flora cuts Stella off, insisting that they have no time to chat, and conjures up a few vines to bind down the shadow monsters. The shadow monsters easily break free of the vines and dart towards Jim and Smee, who Tecna plants a technomagic shield around as protection. The shadows try to break down the shield but when they cannot, they dart towards Tecna, only to be blown back by a blast of light from Stella.
The Winx continue to combat the shadow monsters until they all join together and form a giant, more monstrous shadow. Jim asks for Bloom to let him out, insisting that he can help, but Bloom simply tells him to stay put as she and Tecna rush off to combat the giant shadow. Bloom and Aisha pelt the giant mega shadow with various blasts of fire and bubbles and have it chase them through the forest until Flora flies in to trap it in gigantic wad of vines. The three of them celebrate their victory but it is short-lived as the mega shadow breaks free of its viney prison.
In another part of the forest, Tecna is protecting herself from two shadow monsters who are constantly pounding down on her shield. Bloom swoops in and disposes of the shadow monsters with fire blasts and Musa destroys two more with a powerful blast of sound, leaving the mega shadow to be dealt with.
The Winx are forced to dodge the mega shadow's destructive attacks until Stella plants herself firmly in the middle of its path. As the rest of the Winx fly away, Stella prepares a ball of light in her hands and the mega shadow engulfs her. The Winx fear for Stella's life until the mega shadow begins to glow in a gold light and explode, leaving Stella as the victor.
The girls all praise Stella for making quick work of the monster as Jim and Smee applaud them for putting up such an impressive fight. Once they land, Smee formally introduces himself and claims to be with "The Captain," pointing to Jim. Jim clarifies that Smee left the Queen's side to join theirs and Smee agrees, calling Jim "Captain" again. Naturally, the Winx are confused by this and Bloom asks Jim why Smee keeps calling him that. Smee apologizes and clarifies that he is with Captain Hook, only to get himself an irritated glare from Jim, who properly tells the girls that James Hook is his full name. He then goes on to claim that he and Smee are grateful for coming to their rescue, but he is cut off by Smee once again, who goes on to reveal to the Winx that Jim was once a fearsome captain who battled it out with Peter Pan in the past. Jim finally yells out Smee to knock it off and Smee apologizes. Only growing more and more confused, Bloom asks Jim what this is all about, so Jim agrees to let the Winx on his and Smee's big secret since they have earned their trust, and the pair lead the Winx to the strange tree that the Queen once used to imprison the talents.
The Winx either stand around or sit at the base of the tree as Jim reveals that the denizens of the World of Dreams have another name for it: Neverland, and continues on to explain that Peter Pan became a hero to all of the people of Neverland, except to the Pirates, who knew who Peter truly was: a young man who was only interested in himself. However, Tinkerbell believed that Peter could do no wrong as she had fallen in love with him and believed that they would be together forever. That was until one day when Peter suddenly left Neverland never to return.
Bloom asks the pair of pirates of what became of Tinkerbell and Jim reveals that she became bitter at Peter Pan's leave to the point where all of her pure and good magic was corrupted and turned into dark magic. With this, Bloom begins to realize that Tinkerbell and the Queen of the World of Dreams are one in the same.
In another part of the World of Dreams, Tinkerbell watches the Winx, Jim and Smee through a mirror on her wall as the Shaman insists that losing one fight does not mean they have lost the war. Tinkerbell is frustrated with how many of her shadows the Winx have destroyed and the Shaman tries to make her feel better by insisting that they can just make more, but Tinkerbell has realized that her shadows will always be too weak to pose as a threat. The Shaman tries to ease Tinkerbell's worries by notifying her about their new power, which is almost ready, and once it is cast, nothing will be able to beat her—the Winx will be defeated and Tinkerbell will stand over them as ruler of the World of Dreams once more. Tinkerbell finally cracks a smile, touched by Shaman's undying loyalty and devotion for her, and claims that the Shaman must know what it is like to have been betrayed. She then goes on to claim that Peter betrayed her and his betrayal was all the fault of one miserable little girl—that girl being Wendy Darling.
When asked who Wendy Darling is, Jim reveals that she was Peter Pan's last friend and the one who convinced him to leave Neverland. That is when Bloom get the idea to find Peter Pan in the hopes that his return will make Tinkerbell into a good fairy again, but Jim is not so sure. He tries to wish the Winx luck on their search anyway but Smee interrupts him by doing so himself. Bloom then promises the notify Jim of their progress as they warp out of Neverland and back to Earth.
The Winx find themselves back behind the stage of their latest concert where they are quickly ambushed by their fans who swarm them for autographs and pictures. The Winx gladly indulge their fans as Annabelle and Louise join the girls. Bloom asks how long they have been looking for them and is surprised when Louise responds by saying that their search only lasted for one or two minutes. Annabelle then thanks Bloom and the Winx for performing with them on the first leg of their world tour and hugs Bloom as Louise insists that they will never forget it. Stella claims that they will never forget it either as she basks in the adoration of her fans.
The next day, the Winx arrive in London and begin their search for Wendy Darling. As Aisha maintains their speed, Tecna shows the Winx her findings. Wendy Darling resides in London and runs an orphanage in the center of the city. Aisha takes a quick glance at the picture of Wendy near the steering wheel and asks the Winx what their cover story is going to be. Flora chuckles to herself as she realizes that they cannot just waltz up to Wendy and start asking her about Peter Pan, and Stella adds that they would be too recognizable if they did so thanks to their rapidly-spreading fame. Tecna proposes that they wait until dark to talk to Wendy but Bloom insists that they need to act fast and cannot afford to waste any time. That is when Stella tells the Winx to leave everything to her as she is apparently a "master of persuasion," only for her "mastery" to completely backfire once they make it to Wendy's orphanage as her butler informs the girls that she is not around and will be out in the city all day.
Stella tries to get the man on the intercom to let them in but he insists that they can just come back tomorrow and hangs up. Now annoyed, Stella mimics the man's last words in a frustrated manner, almost like a child, so Bloom proposes that they just split up to search the city.
Flora and Stella search the outside of the Concert Hall and inform the girls that their sector is all clear with no sign of Wendy Darling. Musa proposes that they widen their search area until Bloom notifies the girls of a possible sighting of Wendy heading due north and follows her closely behind. She lets the girls know that the woman she has spotted possesses the same hair color and height as Wendy Darling and stops once she sees what looks like a shadow monster slither towards the woman as she rounds a corner. Bloom tries to follow the woman before she ends up in danger, but she is stopped by a crowd of men celebrating as they get off the bus.

The woman continues down her path until she feels something or someone is stalking her. She looks around the alleyway to find anyone and, when she turns around, she finds herself face to face with two shadowy monsters! She tries to run away from them but trips as they draw nearer. With nothing left she can do, the woman shields herself for any oncoming attacks but, luckily, she is rescued by Bloom, who blasts away the shadow monsters with a pair of fireballs. The monsters explode in a bright flash of light and, once the light dissipates, the woman seems to have vanished, but not with the monsters. Bloom then decides to inform the girls of what has transpired and Tecna deduces that the woman Bloom rescued was none other than Wendy Darling, as the shadow monsters would not target any random person. Bloom also adds that she lost sight of the woman but knows that she will be heading to Kensington Park. Stella praises Bloom on her being able to figure out their target's next location, but Bloom advises for the Winx to proceed with caution as the presence of the shadow monsters only serves as proof that the Queen is watching them from afar.
Little does she know is that her suspicions prove to be right on the mark as Tinkerbell and the Shaman are watching their progress through Tinkerbell's mirror. Tinkerbell admits to Bloom being the hardest of the Winx to defeat and the Shaman agrees, listing off many of Bloom's notable traits like her intelligence, focus and bravery. Tinkerbell smirks to herself as she proclaims that everyone has a weakness and that she has found Bloom's.
Back in London, Wendy walks through Kensington Park with her children, all of whom are enjoying themselves. Wendy leaves her kids when she catches sight of a statue closeby and looks longingly at it as if it reminds her of an old friend. As she gets lost in her thoughts, a patch of shadows appears before her group of children and takes the shape of a group of bunnies that run farther into the park. The kids are immediately fascinated by the bunnies and chase them. Once Wendy begins to walk away from the statue, she realizes that her children have disappeared and calls out to them, all while they continue to chase the bunnies until they make it to a bridge.
Once all of the children are at the center of the bridge, Tinkerbell uses her dark magic to call upon a large number of her shadows to swarm them as they shake the bridge about. Wendy quickly catches sight of this and runs towards her children in an attempt to get them off the bridge. Unfortunately, the children are too frightened to go forward with Wendy's plan and the bridge gains larger and larger cracks the more the shadows swarm them.
The Winx run towards the bridge from the other end as Bloom advises for them to act fast and only use their magic subtly as they cannot risk blowing their cover. And so, Stella uses her light magic to take control of the street lamps surrounding the bridge to scare the shadows away. This only makes the situation worse, however, as the shadows break apart the bridge even more in their escape, so Flora and Aisha use their powers over plants and Morphix to repair the bridge to the best of their abilities.
Just as the situation seems to have been handled, a shadow appears behind Bloom and it wraps around her relentlessly before Stella can stop it. Bloom is able to break herself out of the shadow's grasp, but it seems to satisfied with itself as it now looks more like Bloom! The Bloom-shaped shadow looks back at her with a sinister smile and disappears farther into Kensington Park.
Bloom and Stella turn their attention back to Wendy and her kids who all seem to have calmed down as they are back to their cheerful and energetic selves. Bloom approaches Wendy, calling her by name, and introduces herself and the Winx as "girls who are trying to keep everyone's dreams alive" and need her help to do it.
Later, back at Wendy's house, Wendy tells the girls that it has been years since she had last seen Peter Pan and she hands them his last letter to her. She is fully aware that Peter no longer wanted to keep touch with her and is sure that he has his reasons for it but still seems hurt by the choices.
Meanwhile, back in Neverland, the Shaman summons up a strange pendant as the Bloom-shaped shadow returns through the mirror. The Shaman reveals that the shadow had stolen some of Bloom's essence and Tinkerbell uses the Shaman's magical stone pendant to absorb the shadow. Using an incantation, Tinkerbell uses the shadow to create Vertigo, a being born from Bloom's darkest side.

Thanks to the Winx Wikia for writing all this plot.