Winx Club season 7 in a nutshell!

Faragonda is showing the Winx and Roxy the Alfea Natural Park, where the Fairy Animals from the Magic Dimension live, when a wicked bird of prey abducts the last specimen of Digmole...

In order to find out who the mysterious enemy is and what he/she wants, the Winx have to find another specimen of Digmole and they only have one chance to do it: travelling back in time with the Stones of Memories that Faragonda gave them.

Once arrived at Alfea in the past, the Winx meet Kalshara, an evil fairy who wants to trap the Digmoles with the help of her brother Brafilius. The Winx, however, manage to rescue the Digmoles, obtaining in this way the Butterflix power. Magical!

Kalshara and her brother Brafilius are hunting the Fairy Animals because they are looking for the Animal with the Ultimate Power, which allows to give immense power. The Winx must stop them at every cost...

On the tracks of Kalshara and her continuous attacks to the Fairy Animals, the Winx get to Magix prehistory. There they find Squonk, a cute creature that magically bonds with Aisha.

On Lynphea, the MagiWolves species is in danger! The Winx are off to Flora's home planet...there, Flora also magically bonds with a Fairy Animal: Amarok.

The Winx travel to Medieval Italy where even Musa, thanks to the Butterflix power, finds her Fairy Animal, after saving her from Brafilius clutches: it's Critty, the Quillcat.

Oh no! Kalshara abducts Critty and the Winx are forced once again to chase her. They then arrive to their enemies' hiding place, where the Fairy Animals are imprisoned. Among the Fairy Animals there is also the Shinygreed Shiny that, thanks to the magical bond with Stella, sends away Kalshara and Brafilius.

The Techquirrels, the magical animals from the Zenith planet, are chased by Brafilius. And once again, it's the Winx job to sort things out. Thanks to her power, Tecna manages to magically bond with the Techquirrel Flitter and to save his species.

In the meantime, on the Earth, Roxy founds the Animal Rescue Park for the terrestrial animals in danger. How nice! They'll finally have a place to live in, free and safe!

Emergency from China! Pandas are threatened by a shape-shifting creature. Once arrived there, the Winx find out it's a unicorn under a spell, named Elas. Thanks to the special bonding she gets with him, Bloom manages to break the spell and to rescue the pandas.

The six Fairy Animals that bonded with the Winx find out they are the Keepers of the Ultimate Power and give the Winx the Tynix bracelets, thanks to which the six fairies become tiny and they can explore the magical MiniWorlds.

The Winx continue their battle against Kalshara and Brafilius, in a series of journeys between the past and the MiniWorlds in order to save all the endangered species. The loyal Specialists and Paladins are always next to them.

Kalshara and Brafilius think the animal with the Ultimate Power is one of the Fairy Animals bonded with the Winx. After setting a trap to the six fairies, Brafilius casts a spell making the Winx become kids again. In the meantime, Kalshara tries to capture their Fairy Animals!

After many journeys, the Winx find out the Fairy Animal that has the Ultimate Power is actually at Alfea! It's a diamond Digmole!

Unfortunately, though, Brafilius manages to get the Ultimate Power, which he uses straight away to make the most terrible of all actions...he frees the Winx legendary enemies: The Trix!!! The three witches are determined more than ever to conquer Alfea once and for all. Oh no!

The battle between Winx and Trix is very fierce! The Fairy Animals arrive to help the fairies and decide to do the definite magic and turn into the beautiful Infinite Swan. The Swan absorbs the Ultimate Power defeating all the enemies once and for all!

Hurray, it's time to celebrate! Another incredible adventure ended and all the Fairy Animals are safe thanks to the Winx!

Why Bloom is the Winx Club leader? Explained!

The second season of world of winx has aired and in the newest episodes, just like every season of winx, we see Bloom being the leader of the group.

Many people complain about this and are unhappy, but have we ever thought why she always gives commands?

- She is the strongest of the group and she basically has the strongest power in the magic universe: the dragon flame. During most of the fights when the other girls attack the enemies, most of their power spells have no effect, but when Bloom comes and attacks them, they are over. Just like it happens with evil people, it happens with good ones: the strongest is always the leader.
Let's remember what Bloom is capable of doing:

Bloom, as Fairy of the Dragon Flame, has fire-based powers. Bloom's spells can manifest in the form of fire dragons, fireballs, fire beams, firestorms, and explosions at varying intensities. She also has displayed fire-based offensive spells such as firewalls and flame shields.She has been shown to have emphatic abilities like seeing people's true natures. She also has a mental connection with her elder sister Daphne which is only shown while she was in her spirit form. Daphne is able to contact Bloom, usually in her sleep as a dream but sometimes she appears to her in a vision (as shown in Season 5). Bloom was also able to sense Valtor whose powers also had a same nature. The intensity and strength of Bloom's magic is proportional to her emotional state. Her powers are at their strongest when she gets angry as shown in "A Magix Christmas" where she summoned a fire dragon after the Trix ruined her Christmas celebration. In the most intense situations, she can unleash huge burst of energy that can even de-transform her allies and herself and even damage advanced maсhinery as shown in "Betrayed!" and "Bloom Tested". Various aspects of her individual powers are emotionally-controlled such as her telekinesis being fueled by her calmness (once demonstrated in her sleep), her bravery employing her offensive spells, her depressed and non-confident moments occasionally block her powers, and when she is scared or panicky she deploys defensive spells. She is considered one of the strongest and most powerful fairy in existence as her power is derived from the Dragon Flame itself. She is also able of freely share her powers to other living beings,
Bloom can spontaneously generate and manipulate flame and heat. While in the begginging of the series, she mainly uses her powers to bombard her opponents with fireballs in varying intensity and size, she soon learns to ignite large wildfires and control dangerous infernos by thought. Other related abilities are throwing blasts of heat energy, using fire as shields and force fields, causing objects to become soft and melt, shooting beams of orange energy, and using fire to fly. She can summon the essence of the Great Dragon or a fire dragon or damage her target.
Bloom also knows some basic, first-level spells that all fairies can use, such as telekinesis, transmuting objects, and fixing minor messes.
- She is strong, self-confident and fearless which means she is suited better as a leader in the group. She knows which Winx girls are suited to be with each-other when dividing groups and much more.
- The other winx girls do not have those abilities on the same level.

Winx Club:Are Musa and Riven the perfect couple? Analysis!

Most of the time on my channel i read comments about Winxers wishing for Musa and Riven to come back together, saying they are the perfect couple but what's the reality behind the aesthetics of this couple?
In my opinion, this could have been the best choice for the both of them (i really ship them tho) since they were constanly having problems and being different. 
They have had the most relationship issues out of all the couples formed by their friends and have experienced the most breakups as a result.

♥ We all know how they got together and everything that happened between them so i won't spend time explaining that, so i'm just gonna copy paste from someone who has done all the recap and then i will proceed with the analysis.

Season 1 The two of them first meet in the episode "The Black-Mud Swamp," where Musa immediately falls for him. She confesses this to an image of her mother on the Day of the Rose, however, every attempt at growing closer to Riven has only met by mild annoyance. That same day, Riven is injured during the Race for the Rose by the helmet Bloom gave him to make peace. Darcy heals him and he chooses to go with her, thinking his so called "friends" do not want him any good.
When Musa sees Darcy and Riven together in a witch bar in the ninth episodeIcyStormy and a large number of other Cloud Tower Witches chase Musa through the streets of Magix City as payback for slapping Icy (or placing a "wart" on her face in the 4Kidz dub). During the chase, Musa runs into Riven and asks for his help. Unfortunately, Riven laughs at her as he asks her why he would help her (or proclaims that he cannot help her because he is dating Darcy now in the 4Kids dub), which causes Musa to run off in tears as the witches are still in pursuit of her, completely heartbroken.
At the end of the war against the Trix, Riven comes to help Musa up, which makes a smile appear on her face. The two end up holding hands as they look deeply into each other's eyes almost lovingly.
Season 2At the start of the season, while StellaBloomAishaSky and Brandon are leaving to save the PixiesMusa glares at Riven in Alfea Quad but, some days later, she has become so worried over her missing friends that she throws herself in Riven's arms crying. He wraps his arms around Musa to comfort her but, when she tells him to not tell anyone that she cried, he lets them fall.
In the episode "The Show Must Go On," it is revealed that Musa had told her father about Riven as well as her dream of becoming a famous singer for her mother's sake, however, Ho-Boe not only disapproves of Musa's dream but he also does not approve of her possible feelings towards Riven, believing that he is nothing but a punk. He is later proven wrong during Musa's concert as Riven helps him up after he was attacked by Stormy. He then tries to rally the crowd into supporting Musa by singing along with her to give her the strength needed to fight back. Once Stormy has been defeated and the concert resumes, Riven and Ho-Boe have a small heart-to-heart as they watch Musa perform.
Later on, when the Winx are sent to the Wildlands with the Specialists, Musa and Riven argue for most of their vacation there, but finally reconcile when she finds him spying on the Trix in the episode "Charmix Power." She tries to join him but Riven would prefer to have Musa warn the others of the Trix's presences as he keeps watch. Musa disagrees with Riven at first but is quick to change her mind once she places her trust in him and this act of placing her trust in Riven despite what had happened the year before is what earns Musa her Charmix.
Towards the end of the season, the Winx and Specialists see each other off just before entering Darkar's Fortress. With all her friends getting affectionate with their newfound loves, Musa sheepishly mocks Riven by claiming that he is not "all into the mushy stuff," but Riven pulls Musa in a hug and confesses that he does not know what he would do without her. He then asks her to promise him that she will come back to him. During the fight against Lord Darkar in the season finale, Riven runs in front of Musa to shield her from Darkar's attack and suffers serious injuries. Musa frantically runs over to Riven's side and tries to waking him up, but to no avail. Fearing the worst, Musa ultimately gives up trying to wake Riven and kisses him, almost as if she were kissing him goodbye. However, Riven opens his eyes again thanks to Bloom using her healing power to heal everyone, which causes Musa to scoot away from Riven as quickly as possible, as she still did not want Riven to know of her feelings for him.
After Darkar's defeat, everyone returns to Alfea to celebrate. During the party, Aisha forces Riven and Musa to dance together and Riven is shown blushing when their hands touch.
Season 3Musa and Riven appear to have made up and are happily together once again. This can be seen during the first episode of the season, as Musa is more than happy to see Riven at the beach.
Unfortunately, their happy romance does not last long and begins to go downhill. As the Winx (excluding Aisha and Tecna) sneak off to Eraklyon with the help of the Specialists to help Bloom get an answer out of Sky, Riven tells Bloom that seeing Sky would be useless as he believes that it would not make Sky change his mind and suddenly make him love Bloom again. This response of his ticks Musa off and she scolds him for it, but Riven does not take it too harshly.
The two of them do not talk very much—notably in the beginning "Fury!" as the Winx tearfully tell Timmy of Tecna's sacrifice—but Riven looks at his girlfriend when he tells Timmy that he knows what he means when he said he could still feel Tecna's vibrations.
Further into the season, Musa begins to consider breaking up with Riven, especially after she and the Winx were trained into becoming stunt bikers in the episode "At the Last Moment." In a later scene, Helia loses his patience with Riven after he stole a poem he was working on for Flora and he tells the others that Riven better change his ways unless he wants to end up losing Musa forever.
Later, in "The Red Tower," Riven watches the transmission Flora sent Helia before she, the Winx, Specialists and Pixies entered the Red Tower. During the video, Riven catches Musa adjusting something on another man and thinks that she is trying to kiss him. Without hesitation, Riven takes his wind rider and speeds off in the direction of the Red Tower. When he arrives, he takes Piff with him towards the Tower so as not to get lost and he soon comes across Nabu with an injured Musa in his arms. He does not believe any of Nabu's claims that Musa needs help as he is too afraid of losing her and, instead, order for Nabu to put his girlfriend down. The two then engage in a heated fight until Sky and Timmy break them up and reveal the truth to Riven. He then realizes that he misinterpreted what he saw in Flora's video and Musa forgives him, admitting that she was flattered that he came to fight for her, even if it was over a mistake.
During the season finale, all the Specialists except Helia, who was used as a messenger, were kidnapped by Valtor and taken to the Omega Portal on Andros. As the Winx, Nabu and Helia go to rescue them, Musa finds herself in a room where she sees a petrified Riven and almost cries, believing that he is the real one. She soon has to combat an elemental monster version of Riven created by the earthly part of Valtor's Spell of the Elements until Bloom's Dragon Fury strikes Valtor down. At the end of the episode, with Valtor finally defeated, Musa and Riven share a kiss.
♥ As we notice, Riven has feelings for Musa and sometimes doesn't want to admit them all the time, but they surely have love moments and show how much they care about eachother -  season 1-3.
♥ In season 4 the problems start; Musa doesn't appreciate nor acknowledges all the effort Riven is doing in order to be with her, she needed someone else to tell her in order to realize. That was a totally rude behavior. Riven becomes mad jealous about Jason and he was right about feeling so, it was true that Musa was falling in love with someone else and was ready to start a relationship while leaving Riven on the corner thinking he still had a chance with her. While feeling so, she still kept being mad to Riven for being jealous. She didn't know how to manage the situation and behaved way too immature. Just when Jason got married, she decided to give Riven a second chance and the poor boy still wanted to fight for her no matter what. At the end, you see them together showing everyone the ideal of a happy couple.
♥ In season five their relationship looks totally fine and they love eachother. We see Musa being jealous of the blonde girl and Riven doing a big romantic gesture towards her.
♥ Just when we thought everything was fine, out of nowhere we see Riven being cold to her again and at the end they decide that they are not meant to be together. 
❥ We can tell that they are both problematic causing emotional damage to eachother. Musa did the worst by knowing she loved someone else and leaving Riven on wait or yelling him for being jealous without a reason (we all know he had) and Riven fought for her, then became cold again, what's in his mind and heart? Does he truly love Musa? Because someone who is in love doesn't behave like that.
All these clues and ideas show how they are not the perfect couple and that they really needed to clear their thoughts about their relationship. I think it was the best for both. (Meanwhile i'm still waiting for them to get back together lol)
- What do you think about this? 
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World Of Winx season 2 Official Trailer + Plot!

Today a new promotional trailer of the second season of World of Winx just aired and we finally have a new synopsis!

Here's what will happen:
- A new transformation named Onirix is confirmed
- The world of dreams is called Neverland and Jim is the pirate who fought against Peter Pan
- The Winx girls will try to find Peter Pan so Trinkbell will be good again.
- They will fight against the evil queen
- They will keep their mission on Earth as secret spies
- The spy outfits will get updated

And here is a preview of the official english trailer

Be featured on a personalized book with Winx Club

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Here are some more news from the official website:
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Winx Club Fairies Interview!

Interview the Winx: Flora’s answers!

Hey, fairies! We received so many questions, thank you! Today, I’m going to answer you!
Here are the questions I preferred:
What is you favourite flower?
I love all kinds of flowers! However, I especially love roses, so scented and sweet!
What is your favourite animal?
I really love cats, dogs and... Magiwolves!
What do you like most about Helia?
His sweetness always makes my heart beat fast
And for the person who asked me a tip to grow a tomato plant, I say to always keep it in a sunny area and to water it often!

Interview the Winx: Musa’s answers!

Hey, fairies! After Flora, it’s my turn today!
Here are some of the most curious and nicest questions:
What is your favourite cake?
Chocolate cupcake (I’m such a sweet-tooth!), with plenty of coloured sugar sprinkles!
What kind of music do you prefer?
I like all kind of music genres... yes, including K-pop
Which is the song that helps you freeing your mind?
One in particular? Number 4 in this playlist. Listen to it, isn’t it perfect to dance and go wild, without thinking about anything?
How can you defeat your fears?
The best way to defeat one’s fears is... facing them! I was also very scared at my first concert, but with a deep breath and a lot of determination, all worries were gone!

Interview the Winx: Stella’s answers

Hey fairies! After Flora and Musa, today it’s finally my turn to answer your questions!
Here are some of the questions I liked the most:
Ecco una selezione delle domande che mi sono piaciute di più: 
What is your favourite hairdo?
It depends on the occasion and on the outfit! However, I love tails, little braids and hair gathered up with many elastic hair bands and glittered hair clips... but I also like to wear my hair down with a cool bang!
Where do you get all those outfits and accessories?
Almost every outfit and accessory I wear I create them myself! However, I can’t resist a shopping afternoon with my friends, especially when sales are on! 
What do you most appreciate in Brandon?
I admire his courage and his kindness! I always feel happy and safe with him!
How do you overcome a creative bock in fashion?
When I have a creative block, I go out and take a walk through Alfea’s courtyard or in the garden of Solaria’s Royal Palace! That’s perfect to give me lots of energy and to thinks about new ideas for my next creations!

Interview the Winx: Aisha’s answers

Hello, fairies! After FloraMusa and Stella, today it’s my turn to answer some of your questions!
Here are the ones I chose:
How can you do so many sports without neglecting your studies?
Playing sports is very important to me and I could never quit.
Being very organized, I manage to do everything... and you can make it too, fairies!
Why do you and the Winx have all different powers?
Because, like in any tight-knit group of friends, it is nice to be different and unique! Only in this way, we Winx can defeat our enemies, each one with her own power!
Can you give us an advice to have curly hair?
A very simple tip: After washing and drying your hair, tight it up in a chignon with a hair tie and keep on drying it with the hairdryer! When it will be completely dried, take the hair tie off and... that’s magic!

Interview the Winx: Bloom’s answers!

Hurray! After FloraMusaStella and Aisha, today it’s my turn to answer your questions!
Let’s get started!
How much do you love Kiko?
I adore Kiko! He’s so cute and funny... He is my favourite adventure mate!
The other Winx love him too, he’s our mascot!
What is the best dish you cooked?
After a lot of practice, I’m now very good at baking pizzas... of all kind!
What is the thing you like the most at Alfea?
My bedroom, of course! It is the place that better represents me and where I can relax a bit after school!
Can you give us an advice to become a good fairy?
Always believe in magic.

Winx Summer Collection 2017

Your summer is magical with the Winx Summer Collection!

What's included on it?
The bikini - available 10 June, Winx Club 159
The music player - available 10 July, Winx Club 60
Poncho - available 5 June, Winx Club story 12
Surf table - available 24 June, Winx Club story 12 special

And those two items which can be pre-ordered:
Umbrella special - Maya Fox 11 Special
Swimming donut - Maya fox 11

World Of Winx season 2 transformation Onirix LEAKED!

It's now confirmed that the second season of World of Winx will have a new transformation!
Bye Dreamix!

It's called Onirix and just like usually it will be uniform!
The transformation sequence looks similar to dreamix; the Winx girls standing in a position while the outfit is created. This time there are geometrical shapes instead of flowers.

Any new thing? Yes! We notice Stella doesn't have an orange/purple outfit but a blue one!

Which Winx girl is your favorite in this fairy form?

World Of Winx season 2 Official Air Date!

Little fairies, are you ready for the new season of World Of Winx?

Get ready because the official air date is 16 June 2017!
Just like last time it will have 13 episodes, 26 minutes each, all released at once!

Are you excited? What do you expect from it!

Also make sure to watch the episodes on my youtube channel - InabluMovies Youtube