Winx Halloween Scary Baloons Decorations!

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Scary balloons! 

The scariest and funniest holiday of the year is coming. Create some magical pumpkin-shaped decorations!

1)    Blow up a yellow, green or orange balloon.
2)    Cut out a 4cm diameter ring from a cardboard paper and paint it in the same colour as the balloon.
3)    Tie to the ring six thin strings, put the balloon on the ring, draw the opposite strings and tie them to the balloon knot. Tie them tightly, so that the balloon gets squeezed a bit and gets a pumpkin shape. Put around the balloon knot a stripe of green crepe paper so that it looks like the pumpkin stem.
4)    Use a black permanent marker to draw two triangles for the eyes, a smaller one for the nose and a showing teeth mouth.
Happy Halloween, everyone!

Dear fairies, do you like these pumpkins? How would you decorate your bedrooms for Halloween!

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  1. i did this for hallowween but i failed :(