Winx Club:Eat Cupcakes With Aisha!

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Cupcakes, magical sweetness! 

A snack is important to give you the right energy, especially after doing sports.





I can't resist the goodness of cupcakes, which are not just delicious but also beautiful.
If you are a good pastry chef you can make them yourselves, otherwise you can find the ready-made base and you can just decorate them as you like!
Here are some of my favourites!

 Extra Chocolate
Two layers of chocolate, dark and white, with a cherry on top: double goodness!


 Magical waves
A swirl of blueberry and strawberry flavoured cream: it reminds me of Andros' ocean.



Romantic sugar
Decorated with many little sugar flowers: it's one of Flora's favourites!



  Multicolour polka dots
A shower of colourful chocolate confectionery: how can you resist?




Party time
The cheerful colours make it perfect even for one of Stella's pyjamas party!



Sweet-tooth fairies, which is your favourite cupcake among these ones? 

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