Winx Club Fashion:WearingThe right colours!

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 The right colours!

Do you love colourful looks?So do I! But you should know that,accoring to your hair and skin colour,there are colours that suit you better than others.Here are my fairy tips to get it right!


Dark hair and skin
Right colours

Green, yellow, violet, fuchsia, turquoise, red.
Wrong colours
Pale pink.



Brown hair and fair skin
Right colours
Red, pink, light blue, orange.
Wrong colours



Blonde hair and very fair skin
Right colours
Pale pink, light blue, brown, violet.
Wrong colours

  Which group do you belong to? And what is your favourite colour among those I suggested you?





  1. Are you sure ? I think Stella will be in a rage when she hears that her favourite colour green don't fits her . ( Learned in a Winx comic book) for me I think Flora don't have fair skin, I think her skin is a little bit tanned. I would like to say that Flora does not match red colour . I think better for pale pink or pink. For one more I think Aisha will also be good in the colur blue and all those light blue colours ,but not too bright and not too dark.