Winx Club season 5 Andros Tour!

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Andros tour!

Dear fairies, today I'll take you to see my planet Andros and the Royal Palace. Our journey begins with a nice dive! Andros, in fact, is made of 90% water. Seabeds are famous for their bright colours: pink, violet and all the shades of turquoise to green. They are magical!



The Royal Palace is a magical place. It's like suspended on water, the main staircase rises directly from the ocean and, at night, lights shine reflecting in the waves. One night, my Winx friends and I tried to count them all, but...we fell asleep! 



 This is my favourite hall. I love the big columns and the walls decorated with sea plants and flowers drawings. But the most beautiful things are the golden and crystal chandeliers!



Every year, the turquoise water Grand Ball is held here. All the guests must be dressed in turquoise. This is my dress: isn't it wonderful?
Even my make-up is turquoise!




Dear friends, what did you like most about Andros and the Royal Palace?


  1. aisha dress is ugly.just imagine a black woman wearing a shiny blue dress o.O

  2. Well, I think the turquoise dress and makeup look good on Aisha. :)

  3. i wish i lived there