Winx Club:How To Do A Pajama Party?

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 Best Freinds Party!
Do you want to know which is the trendiest party of the moment?
Are you thinking of a PAJAMA PARTY or a THEME PARTY?
Not at all! The answer is ... the BEST FRIENDS PARTY (BFP)!
Follow these three simple rules to organize it… And fun will be guaranteed!

1) No more endless guest lists! A few and well selected friends are enough… Real good friends you never get bored with!

 2) Everybody helps to prepare snack time! Each guest brings an ingredient and then you all create an original recipe with a bit of imagination from everybody! We Winx have created the Sirenix Sandwich, which is now our favourite snack!

 3)Free your imagination! Create small, personalized objects to exchange at the end of the party. It's a funny and definitely successful idea! Do you want to know what we Winx created at our last BFP? Some customized masks, very colourful and full of glitter!

We went to, in the I LOVE MAGIC MASK section and we downloaded the images. Then we followed the instructions and… Wow, I've never seen more beautiful masks!
Are you ready to organize your first BFP? Let us know how it went… We're very curious!
Also check out the new game #winxfairyschool ! 

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  1. Good, i really needed some advices for my party