Winx Sirenix Magic Oceans Game Review!

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Hey guys!
The new game "Sirenix Magic Oceans" has been made avaible to download on Android.
To download it click here -
In this post i will explain in great detail what is this game about,levels,how to play.I've made screenshots for every step :)
So,let's start!

First of all i guess you should start downloading the game :P
 When you firstly open the game,you will see something like this appear.Notice that the pink-dotted background move.Then i restarted the game.

Then you open it..blablabla...and everytime you will change tab/level/options movng bubbles like these below will appear.Aren't they nice?

 After that at the very beggining Bloom will explain the mission and what you have to do.

 This is the menu.Scrolling from left to right you will see every winx harmonix that you can unclock by purchasing the full game.

 By clicking any winx or the full one like this above,this appears:
(please DO NOT copy any of the screenshot's i've made claiming them as yours.)

 You can see the game credits,buy magic things and earn badges.

 Then you start the game.Don't worry Bloom explains everything.

 Notice some special different-played levels which have different "Level complete"

 At the end you have a special Tritannus game which also has a different "Level complete"

 You can pause or quit the game :

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 Aaanddddd at the very end,after you'll complete all the levels no matter how many stars you get on each you will see a dialogue between Bloom and Tecna.As a special prize Bloom Sirenix 2D video transformation will be unclocked.
Ps: i didin't capture all the dialogue.


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  3. Very good and detailed review, thanks!