Winx Club Dream Dictionary !

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If you dream about fairies!
Fairies, even this time you flew all night long!
Or were you a rock star? In your dreams, of course!

Read this list of the most common dreams and find out their meaning:

Dreaming you are flying: it indicates sense of freedom. Your life is nice and peaceful, both in your dreams and in reality!

 Dreaming you are dressed in a strange way: it means you need a change. Try to do something you've never done before: let yourself go a little bit more or change your look!

 Dreaming you become a rock star: it means you have a great passion and you feel ready to take off! So, believe in yourselves and dreams will come true!

Dreaming you are falling down: it is a feeling rather than a dream. When the body relaxes too much it "wakes you up"...scaring you! I suggest that you drink a relaxing herbal tea before going to sleep!

 What is recurring dream, fairies? I'm really curious to know!