Winx Club season 7 In Production !!

10:29 AM InabluMovies 3 Comments

In an Interview Iginio Straffi confirmed that there will be a seventh season of Winx Club!
I am super excited! What about you? For now there are no spoilers,images,photos of it.Everything keeps being a mystey.

Read what he said : (Please use google translator from Italian-English)
Tante iniziative in atto alla Raimbow…
"Siamo in piena attività: è in preparazione la VII serie delle Winx , la II serie di Prezzy, un terzo film sulle streghette, in studio inoltre nuovi personaggi. Sta andando bene il Rainbow MagicLand, il parco divertimenti vicino a Roma. E in questi primi giorni dell'anno stiamo rafforzando i nostri uffici in Asia dove prossimamente concentreremo i nostri sforzi".


  1. im so pumped about this yaaay and thank you sooooo much InabluMovies for this information

  2. As much as I love winx club how many seasons are they gonna be? Come on admit it what are they gonna do now?????????????

  3. Many initiatives in place at the Rainbow ...
    "We are in full activity is in preparation for the seventh series of the Winx, the II series Prezzy, a third film about witches, the studio also new characters.'s Going well the Rainbow Magic Land, the amusement park near Rome. And in these first day of the year, we are strengthening our offices in Asia, where soon we will concentrate our efforts. "