Winx Club How To Be Beautiful With Bio Products!

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Fairies, do you know that you can be even more beautiful and relaxed thanks to… nature? Follow my advice and you’ll find out how!

 After a day full of commitments and fun, a camomile shampoo it’s what you really need! Its perfume is very relaxing and revives the reflections of your hair.

  For your face, try a banana mask: mash a quarter of banana till you get a cream, apply on your face and leave on for 15-20 minutes. Then rinse off with warm water!

Why don’t you also try my pumpkin beauty mask?

 Spread your room with the perfume of a lavender candle: it will create a warm and cozy environment.

 And now, sweet dreams...with a mint herbal tea or green tea, so perfumed and ...tasty!
What do you suggest, fairies? Try my advice and I’ll try yours!

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