Winx Club:How To Become a real Winx Ilusionist!

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 Would you like to do a little magic, just like the Winx? Then I’ll tell you a trick that will leave everybody speechless! Here’s what you need: a see-through jar with lid, 2 identical buttons, transparent adhesive tape.

-    Take a jar and first show it to the audience, stick a button under the lid with a bit of adhesive tape rolled on itself!
-    Take an identical button, place it on the closed lid and, with a sharp blow, hit the palm of your hand on the button!
-    The blow will make the button hid under the lid come off, falling on the bottom of the jar, but it will look like it really came through the closed lid! Now hid the button away in your pocket without being detected!
-    ADVICE: Rehearse this trick several times before showing it to everybody, in order to become fast

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