Winx Club:Kira Plastinina Flora Special Doll!

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Discover the brand new Winx fashion Doll designed by Kira Plastinina! Be chic!

Fairy Flora Winx dolls will hit the shelves complete with a new outfit designed by Plastinina.
Rainbow has partnered with Russian fashion designer Kira Plastinina to create a new range of Winx Club dolls.
The official unveiling of the limited edition doll took place on Sunday, February 9th at Yakimanka Children's Gallery in Moscow.The doll is now on sale a select retailers across the country supporting deprived children across the region as part of the sales income will go to the Planeta Mira cultural and charitable fund.

Plastinina said: "This was a new experience and a fascinating one. Working on the dress for Winx Club fairies. I returned to the childhood beginnings that inspired them and brought them to life."

Lorena Vaccari, head of retail promotion at Rainbow, added: "Winx Club is very much a fashion leader and young girl love the stylish looks their fairy heroes wear.

"That's why Kira, as one of the most fashionable, cool and trendy designers in the world, is just perfect to represent our brand.

"The fashionable outfit she has created is truly magical and is a perfect fir for this beautiful, limited edition doll, which is a genuine collector's item."

Also, there's an official youtube video of Kira presenting this doll in an interview:
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