Winx Club:The magic power of COLOURS! [Fashion Advices]

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Fairies, did you know that colours have real “magic powers”? Colours can actually reflect our moods and can help us facing the days with the right energy!
Here's what they are:

BLUE: It's the quintessential relaxing colour! Do you have an important test at school? Wear a blue or light blue garment and your nervousness...will disappear! 

RED: It represents energy and vitality! Wearing something red makes you feel more open and less shy, basically with red you could become little... Musa!

GREEN: It's the colour of hope and harmony! Tecna knows this very well: this colour helps you feeling calm and thoughtful!

ORANGE: It's the colour of optimism, cheerfulness, fun and friendship! Take Stella's word for it!

Match these colours with your favourite style! What “colour” are you wearing today? #WinxClub  #WinxNews

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