Winx:The Truth Behind Bloom Enchantix! Connection Between Cartoon & Reality!

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 In this post I’ll explain how did Bloom earn her Enchantix thanks to the practice teached from Maia.The connection between reality and cartoon

From the postion which bloom is stading we can clearly see she is practicing Meditation.But what is meditation?  Meditation has been practiced since antiquity.In this practice you learn to connect your physical body with your soul.During meditation you collect positive energy called “Prana”.According to science and physics everything is energy.Once you have collected enough energy you can be able to manipulate things around you.Ex : avoid something bad to happen,psychokinesis  powers and many other things! How you think Buddha and Jesus and others were able to make miracles and be so wise? They couldn’t say this to all the world,many people would have thought they were just crazy! Also,meditation makes you feel more relaxed all the time and heal illnesses such as anxiety,high blood pressure,depression,etc. Egyptians and many other people used to practice this.Once you meditate you enter in a state of awareness where you become more aware of what happens around you.We enter in the paranormal category here.In my opinion this is real,you can see plenty of hystorical videos showing people do incredible things thanks to energy.

You can see some proof videos with your eyes:
Maia knew meditation and she learned it to Bloom.She’s calm and wise,just like the monks who practice this.She has spiritual beliefs,we can clearly see from what she says to Bloom :
You have to focus on your inside.Your rebirth is inside of you! I can only give you advices ,you have to find the way.
So the facts of reality were mixed in this Winx Club episode.Bloom got more energy and learned how to focus it (same as meditation practice learns you to do).Why was all this done? Did Iginio want to give us any message?!