Jakks Pacific Stopped Producing Winx Club Dolls!!

10:40 PM InabluMovies 4 Comments

Yes is true, I couldn't believe that too!

I still don't understeand why Jakks decided to do that. I just started loving the Winx Jakks dolls. I could't wait for the Mythix dolls and others to come out! I guess you did too!

Reasons are still unknown to me, someone said it's because the dolls were not getting selled....
So, we are never going to see the Mythix, Tecna & Musa Harmonix and the other dolls :/

Jakks did a good job with the winx dolls. Long wavy hair, sparkling wings, multicolor shoes, added acessories, multichoice posable hands and cool boxes!

I am ready to to everything to change Jakks mind! I will do everything that i can, and very soon i'll let you know. As a Rainbow S.r.l partner and Winx advertiser it's my duty to help the show.

If you are worrying if the world will still have winx dolls then you should know that Witty Toys will still make Winx dolls, but i guess they will be available everywhere except America. Jakks dolls were specially made to be sold in the U.S!

Maybe we should start a petiton, and move all together to let Jakks know how important are those dolls for us!

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  1. I would like to Jakks discontinues the winx I did not like much was almost impossible to play with them is through the body
    I want a company like Mattel or Hasbro begin to manufacture them but how witty or earlier Mattel

  2. Noooo i want jakks noooooooooo

  3. I want this doll :( I wait for tecna and musa harmonix.. beautiful!!!

  4. I wish jackks would start making dolls again he did such a great job on them I really hope he will start again soon :,(