Winx Club:Hair like the Winx!

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Hair like the Winx!

 How do you feel today, fairies? Did you know that your hair tells a lot about you? So, here are my tips to fix your hair according to your mood!

Are you dreaming about your prince charming and you have your head in the clouds? A romantic look is the right one for you!
If you have long hair, make a loose plait like mine.
If you have a short haircut like Tecna, instead, put a big coloured flower in your hair!

Do you want to be noticed for your elegance?
A sophisticated hairstyle will take you a bit longer in terms of preparation...but the result is guaranteed!
Long hair needs to be tied up! I suggest you this high chignon at the nape of your neck...Impeccable!
Short hair, instead, needs to be fixed with gel and enriched with a simple glittered hair clip.

Are you in a good mood? A funny hairstyle that reflects your cheerfulness is what you need!
Short or long, any length can be adjusted with a big coloured hair band.
Today this how I feel! What about you?

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