Winx Club:Your secrets... away from nosy parkers!

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 It’s wonderful to have a best friend to confide in: I’m the most sensitive out of the Winx and they all trust me! And as you also are super friends, I’ll give you some advice on out to keep your little and big secrets safe!

1) First of all, write them on a diary. Remember to lock it and to hide it in a safe place... nosy parkers can always be in ambush! And to make it super magical...Click here.
2) Password: LIPS SEALED! Only trust your best friends and if they confide in you, don’t go and tell everybody about it!

3) Avoid talking about top-secret things via text messages: the text could get to the wrong person!

4) Magical tip: I share all my secrets with my favourite stuffed animal... it definitely won’t talk!

What about you, do you have any other advice on how to keep your secrets?
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