Father launches a campaign against Winx dolls at Myer’s Sydney City store!

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A  MANLY father has launched a campaign against retail giant Myer to remove a “skinny” doll amid fears it sends the wrong message to young girls regarding body image.

(Mark Chenery outside Myer's Pitt Street store handing out petitions calling on Myer to remove ‘stick thin’ Winx Club dolls from their shelves.)

Mark Chenery presented a petition with 1315 signatures to staff at Myer’s Sydney City store yesterday calling for the removal off all Winx Club dolls, which resemble fairies, at its stores.

                        (Tiny waists and thin legs: The Winx Club dolls that inspired a father’s concern)

The concerned father said he was “shocked” after noticing the doll last month while shopping at Warringah Mall’s Myer store.
“It struck me how ridiculously skinny the legs were,” he said. “I’ve never been a big fan of Barbie but this one was so much worse – I couldn’t believe a store like Myer would stock it.”

(Mark Chenery outside Myer's Sydney City store alongside his daughter, Sophia, and other petitioners.)

“It struck me how ridiculously skinny the legs were,” he said. “I’ve never been a big fan of Barbie but this one was so much worse – I couldn’t believe a store like Myer would stock it.”

The controversial Winx Club doll.Picture: SuppliedMr Chenery has a four-year-old daughter, Sophia.
A Winx Club doll stocked at Myer.
“I know how impressionable she is and how much she loves fairies,” he said.
“I would hate to think that’s something normal or aspirational.”
Mr Chenery first posted his concerns over the doll on Facebook before being approached by Fair Agenda co-founder Renee Carr to start the campaign. Fair Agenda describes ­itself as an independent campaigning organisation focused on fairness and equality for women.
When the Manly Daily asked Myer if it would consider removing the doll, a spokeswoman said it had “very limited stocks” of the dolls.
“Myer always welcomes its customers’ views,” she said. “The Winx dolls are associated with a children’s animated action and fantasy TV program and represent fairies and other supernatural beings.”
The Butterfly Foundation — which represents people affected by eating disorders and negative body — also supported the removal of the dolls from Myer stores.
“Absolutely,” foundation chief exeuctive Christine Morgan said.
“Retailers are equally as responsible for the merchandise they agree to stock, as the manufacturers are in the creation and production process.
“With body image listed as one of the top five concerns for young girls, this idolised doll can cause self-esteem and self-image issues.”
“Young girls are exposed to highly unrealistic images of female bodies, and are taught to model these images in their own lives.
“The absurd proportions on these dolls prize a thin image and devalue any young girls natural physical form.”

What do you think? 
*I guess this father shouldn't blame this shop for selling those dolls. They only buy products in order to sell them. He either shouldn't balme the doll creators, this "skinny" thing is the way the doll was made, is it's style! The winx are skinnny by theirselves, that's the way the show was created! The dolls are only following the cartoon style. So, according to me, parents instead of blaming those dolls should really spend time on teaching their childs that those are not real and that they are only fantasy, and that they should never be fooled from the skinny appareance. Someone can't pretend to look like a cartoon style,can they? 

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  1. first of all.. i know its not good to disrespect the elders but that father is a stupid person. dont he know the winx are just fairies and the dolls are just the copy of that body style. if he has problem with that body style then he should buy his daughter a barbie or something, simple as that.... but who cares? he just want to create a drama all over the place... obviously its not intelligence , its being an jealous a** hole. .. He is none to comment about the doll and series, he himself is a skinny weird person,just look at him.... winx just resembles a delicate body style just like a butterfly... so, its just a series not a huge thing to protest about.. thats my views. (idk why i got so angry lol )

  2. So dumb. If I was a 4 year old little girl, I WOULDN'T GIVE A F! I WOULDN'T CARE!