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Introducing myself: I’m Tecna!

Hello fairies and welcome! Today I want to show you my page, where you will find lots of curiosities about me: my identity card, my hobbies and my super technological diary!

Oops, what an airhead...I forgot to introduce myself a bit better: for all the friends who don’t know me well, my name is Tecna and I’m the fairy... guess of what? Of Technology! Computers, tablets and techno-magical devices are my passion! 

At Alfea, I share my bedroom with Musa, my best friend, while Timmy... makes my heart beat fast! I like spinach, dolphins and my favourite colour is light blue!

- I always knew my brain was important, but at Alfea I learned that it is my heart that counts! :)
-  As a Harmonix fairy I'm unbeateable underwater! And I can even fight against Tritannus!
- Even a rational fairy like me can have emotions! I remember the first time Timmy and I met. My heart was pounding!
- I love gems, especially on bracelets! The are a must-have for me!
- I have millions of digital photos with my friends the Winx! I flip through them all the time with my touch screen.
- Lithia, my new Selkie friend, is super effective! She swims like a rocket!
- Nine years old and I was glued to the computer. I didn't play video games, I made them!
- I sent our friend some technological invitations!
- To celebrate our friendship, I organized an incredible surprise Techno Party!

But enough talking for now! I can’t wait to share with you lots of other TOP SECRET curiosities!

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