Winx Club:Witty Toys Mythix Dolls!

1:44 PM InabluMovies 5 Comments

Fly to the magical world of Legendarium with the Mythix Scepter! Find  the Mythix Magic Code in the box! Download the free app BLOOMIX QUEST! Enter the code and unlock the new transformation MYTHIX. Collect them all!
- 6 Winx Mythix to collect,  their wings move for real!
- With each Winx Mythix doll you will find a MEMBERSHIP CARD to unlock an exclusive content online for Winx Bloomix Quest App

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  1. I have to admit they are better than the others XD

  2. How can you get the dolls, I can't find them anywhere

  3. Where can I find them? Do they have a website, the company?

  4. Hello. I was wondering if you have bought winx mythix dolls? They have a code which unlock the mythix dolls outfits on the winxclub site. If you know the code, could you possibly tell me?? I promise id buy one but there are none in my country and they dont ship either.
    Thank you so much in advance.