Winx Butterflix Dolls Package Preview!

2:24 PM InabluMovies 7 Comments

Winx Butterflix Fairy
6 beautiful Winx with holographic wings that move really. 1 dress fabric and 1 dressed in PVC for an even better game!
Includes a membership card to download extra content for the APP Winx Club!

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  1. They ARE gonna have Musa, right? Or are they gonna leave out the most wanted, as usual? :/

    1. Of course! There are more pictures of them out. In fact here is one of those pictures:

  2. People chillax! There are more Butterflix doll pictures out right this second and two of them include Musa. She will not be left out, she will be a part of the collection and let's just say she looks very pretty!

  3. OMG SHE DOES LOOK PRETTY! I want. them. NOW! XD When are they gonna be released?