Winx season 7 Second Transformation & Scenes Revealed!

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Rai channel had a video explaining how Winx Club gets created. They explain that they draw every scenery on computer (through graphic tablet) and on paper (300 papers for a single episode).
The animation of a 26 episode series takes 2 years of hard work.

During the video they showed some previews of the look of Winx in the 7th season!
So, we notice the creation of the fashion style, mixture of the characters with the background.
Flora and Aisha are transformed, but it's not Butterflix. Can we expect it to be the second transformation?

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  1. wow i guess the pets they got will turn into kinda big in size and winx will be sitting on them just like the warriors on horses :) .yeah may be this could be their new transformation :D

  2. can you send us the link of that video

    1. Now i dont have it, but you can find it on the official Rai websites! =)

    2. Can you give us the Link to the official Rai Website?

  3. When is season 7 going to come out in the United States

  4. Thats awsome i went on her yt channel it says she have ep 1 of winx season 7 in english and i canot watch it case she made it not so no 1 can watch :(