Winx Club 7 season Fairy Animals Really EXISTED!

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From some searches i found out that the fairy animals (appearing in Winx season7) are mythological creatures, who,  according to some people and witnesses really existed. Each of them really had the power rappresented in Winx 7 and their connections to the Winx girls are not casual!
So, below i'm listing each legend -

Real name - Squonk
Winx name - Squonk / CryCry

The Squonk is a mythical creature reputed to live in the Hemlock forests of northern Pennsylvania. Legends of squonks may have originated in the late nineteenth century at the height of Pennsylvania's importance in the timber industry, or the creature might be a self-conscious literary creation. Whatever its genesis, the squonk has repeatedly been referenced in the arts for its lugubrious nature, and in the sciences for its curious means of avoiding capture.
The legend holds that the creature's skin is ill-fitting, being covered with warts and other blemishes and that, because it is ashamed of its appearance, it hides from plain sight and spends much of its time weeping.[2] Hunters who have attempted to catch squonks have found that the creature is capable of evading capture by dissolving completely into a pool of tears and bubbles when cornered. A certain J.P. Wentling is supposed to have coaxed one into a bag, which, while he was carrying it home, suddenly lightened. On inspection, he found that the bag contained only the liquid remains of the sad animal.
The "scientific name" of the squonk, Lacrimacorpus dissolvens, comes from Latin words meaning "tear", "body", and "dissolve".
Squonks are also known in chemistry and biology. Some substances are stable in solution or some other "wild" form but cannot be isolated or captured without actually catalyzing their own polymerization or decomposition ("dissolving in their own tears")
Real name - Phoenix 
Winx name - Shiny 

In Greek mythology, a phoenix or phenix (Greek: φοῖνιξ phoinix) is a long-lived bird that is cyclically regenerated or reborn. Associated with the sun, a phoenix obtains new life by arising from the ashes of its predecessorIn the historical record, the phoenix "could symbolize renewal in general as well as the suntimethe Empiremetempsychosis.
In themedieval period the phoenix was considered "the royal bird".
The phoenix is sometimes pictured in ancient and medieval literature and medieval art as endowed with a nimbus, which emphasizes the bird's connection with the sun. In the oldest images of phoenixes on record these nimbuses often have seven rays, like Helios (the personified sun of Greek mythology). Pliny the Elder  also describes the bird as having a crest of feathers on its head, and Ezekiel the Dramatist compared it to a rooster.

Real name - Unicorn
Winx name - Elas

The unicorn is a legendary animal that has been described since antiquity as a beast with a large, pointed, spiraling horn projecting from its forehead.
In European folklore, the unicorn is often depicted as a white horse-like or goat-like animal with a long horn and cloven hooves (sometimes a goat's beard).
 In the encyclopedias its horn was said to have the power to render poisoned water potable and to heal sickness. In medieval and Renaissance times, the tusk of the narwhal was sometimes sold as unicorn horn.
it is impossible take this ferocious beast alive; and that all its strength lies in its horn. When it finds itself pursued and in danger of capture, it throws itself from a precipice, and turns so aptly in falling, that it receives all the shock upon the horn, and so escapes safe and sound
The horn itself and the substance it was made of was called alicorn, and it was believed that the horn holds magical and medicinal properties
I know for sure the info about those 3 fairy animals, but im not really sure about the others.
If you have any information please write it in the comments!

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    1. Hmmmmmmmm interesting��

  2. Musa's Critty was based on the Cactus-Cat of American Myth.
    Tecna's was based on the squirrel in Norse Mythology that runs up & down at Yggdrasil.
    Flora's Amarok was based on Amarok the Wolf in Norse Mythology.

  3. Is critty boy or girl?

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