Winx Club Official Fans Club - All you need to know!

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The Winx Official Fan Club was a fan club created by Rainbow S.r.l starting since september 2012.
It takes place in youtube, where Rainbow itself (through the official italian channel) proposes to choosen fans to join this fan club.

Iginio said " In 2012 we decided to join youtube, not only because winx was growing up through the web and not only from the television, but, because youtube had plenty of Winx material not managed from Rainbow. We unerstood all the opportunities this tool offered us but we also noticed the beginning of something pirate. From this need of managment an opportunity of business was created. "
"We started managing the content that was online, giving some users official and authorized content. We identified all the copies created from users, which were more than 40,000 clips, and started working in another way by deleting drastically all the pirate material"


1) Why was the Official Fan Club created?

As you can read above, Rainbow didn't want "pirate" winx content online so they created all this to leave some winx clips online, but only authorized and official ones.
I personally think it's also because we are a great "official" way for them to get free promotion and money.

2) What do i have to do to join? How much subscribers do I need?

From what i've noticed so far, your channel doesen't need to have fanmade content. They need promotion of their episodes preview clips, commercials ecc not your own winx stuff. And crucial for them, your channel rappresents your country. They have channels from every country that shows Winx. Show them you can put up the winx in your country and that your channels is special and really worth it.
Amount of subscribers. I personally had 300 when i was asked to join, but i've seen people with fewer subs joining it so this is not very clear. And i still think having many subs (starting 1000+) can bring you alot of luck in this, Rainbow will notice you.

3) Are they still accepting channels?

Tbh i have no idea, i haven't seen any new member lately. They said that they would choose only 100 channels. Grab the chance if they haven't completed the number yet!

4) Why do they block my videos even if i'm part of the fan club???

I think it's because of the companies they are partnered with policies. Like, you upload a Winx transformation in different languages, but maybe the country that has dubbed that video has asked Rainbow to not allowe people to upload it? #ThinkAboutIt
And most blocked videos are the newest seasons. We upload them as soon as they air in one country. Rainbow wants kids to watch the episodes on Tv. If they are on youtube then no one will watch on Tv anymore and this will create conflict with the channel that has paid or has been paid to show Winx in every country. #ThinkAboutIt2

5) Why they deleted some channels even if they were part of the fan club?

I don't know. I think it was Viacom who did that when they were partnered with Rainbow, some disagreements led to this.

6) What are my benefits if i join?

A parcel of Winx Stuff including - Dvd's, s4 dolls, bags, clock, puzzle, hair extentions, magazine, official fan club certificate... i don't remember what else? (Different partners got different stuff)
And ofcourse not all of your videos will be blocked.
And before when yt had an old design they sent me a pack with 4 banners designed by them for my channel. Now yt has changed design so if you join now they won't send.
Having luck, they make your videos and channel appear on suggestions on youtube.

I hope this post has been very clear for you. Correct me if i'm wrong on anything.
If you have more questions comment below and i'll answer for sure! =)

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  1. Hello,
    I am the founder of the YouTube channem Winx Club In World . I wanted to know if you think i can be part of the official Winx Club Fans? And what advice would you offer me for my YouTube channel?
    Thank you in advance for you reply. :) And I'm sorry for mistakes (I'm French)!

    1. Hey, im WinxForever7000 i wanted to tell you that in fact if Rainbow is not longery accepting new channels because i've heard that this year they are no new channels accepted. And well i decided to send them a message in YouTube and an email to them saying that i want to join and why. I think it's alot easer then just waiting them to notice you.

    2. Hi,
      In this post i have explained very well what content your channel needs to have and how to join the fan club.

    3. I sent them an email, why they don't answer?

  2. So if i create a channel today and let my subs grow will they ask me (if they notice) to join??

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