Winx Club Rainbow Store on Amazon! Buy certified Winx dolls and Stuff!

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The New Rainbow store is now open on ♥
Here is the link to it   Rainbow Store Amazon 

There you can buy the newest dolls of Winx season 7!

• If they are under 19 euro you have to pay shipping, which is 2,80 euro (or more according to which option you choose).

• If they are over 19 euro you have free shipping. 

  | |    O N L Y    F O R    I T A L Y ||  ✔

The dolls can be shipped on other countries too but with different shipping costs.

When you open the page you can find in an easier wat what you wanna buy by choosing the category.

I'm linking you them below, so you can always open this post on my blog and get redirected there immediatly. 

• Games and toys - Click here 
• Baggages - Click here
• Film and TV - Click here
• Clothing - Click here

Notice that the prices are almost always on sale. ツ

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  1. I want bloom butterflyix

  2. well in singapore we have the mythix dolls but they are super pricey