Winx Club Fairy Heart Russian Album Review!

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♥ Winx Fairy Heart Album / Winx Album Cuore Di Fata → Russian - русский  

Today i will review the Winx Fairy Heart Sticker Album (Russian Version)
I would like to thank my friend Stella Mun for taking the photos of it. ★

This  is the album cover. It has Bloom, Stellla & Flora in their Bloomix transformation inside a heart. The background is pink and it's decoratated with the official flower stickers and white flourish shapes.

This is the back of the album. You can see the other fairies in full poses and the credits of the the publishing companies.

All the album covers.

This is the first page, as always promoting Winx figurines. They are from the 6th season, including; Bloomix and the Winx girl with their princess dresses. All the Winx are included, isin't that cool?

Second page. I have no idea what it's written there. I guess the stickers for this page will be pictures of the Winx girls, since near each square we can see the names of each Winx gril. You need 6 stickers for this page. The background is Bloom Fairy Chollege in her room at Alfea.

Third page. There is a background of Alfea all in blue, decorated with Stella Fairy Chollege half pose artwork and a picture of Alfea. Also, 6 stickers are needed for this page.

Fourth page. Very beautiful in my opinion. This page it's about our favourite witches! The background is purple with Cloud Tower made a bit too transparent and a photo of it. Further decorations are beautiful ligh purple flowers. For this page you will need 7 stickers. Some stickers are already in this page, we can see mostly Selina, Icy, Stormy and the other Cloud Tower witches.

Fifth page. A very beautiful page with a Flora Bloomix artwork, a pink background decorated with different flowers, a rainbow heart and some icons of Musa and Stella Bloomix. For this page you need 4 stickers.

Sixth page. It's the second part of the previous page. You can see icons of the remaining Winx girls. Those two pages are made for stickers, which untited together show each of the Winx fairies in heir Bloomix transformation (as we can see this half Tecna) . You need 8 stickers for this page .

Page number 7 and 8. This page is about the pixies, as we can see from the background which is the pixies village and two pixies in a blue and green heart. It is also decorated with flowers and hearts and Stella Fairy School artwork.  For page 7 you need 5 stickers and for page 8 you need 6 stickers.

Page 9 and 10. Those two pages are about Musa. They have a beautiful pink background with Musa Bloomix on it and many flowers . For page 9 you need 6 stickers and for page 10 you need 6 stickers.

Page 11 and 12. On the background you can see Lynphea, some flowers and Flora Fairy Chollege artwork. For page 11 you need 8 stickers and for page 12 you need 6 stickers.

Page 13 and 14. You can see an official blue background filled with flowers an Bloom Bloomix artwork. For page 13 you need 6 stickers and for page 14 you need 6 stickers.

Page 15 and 16. The background is again one place ( i cant remember which) and a Tecna Fairy Chollege artwork in the middle of the page. For page 15 you need 7 stickers and for page 16 you need 7 stickers.

Page 17 and 18.  The first page has all the stickers completed and the second misses Icy in the middle of the Trix. The background is dark green with flower and has an Aisha Bloomix artwork on it. For page 17 you need 6 stickers and for page 18 you need 7 stickers.

Page 19 and 20. A beautiful yellow/orange page with the Winx in the desert from episode 7 and 8 and a Musa Fairy Chollege artwork. The stickers are based on those episodes too. 
For page 19 you need 6 stickers and for page 20 you need 7 stickers.

Page 21 and 22. Another beautiful yellow and orange page with pink flowers and a Stella Bloomix artwork on it. You can also see a heart with Stella Bloomix head on it. 
For page 21 you need 5 stickers and for page 22 you need 7 stickers.

Page 23 and 24. 

And those are the following pages, you can see the details yourself .

There are also two pages where you can color the heart witht the numbers of the stickers you have and leave in white the numbers of the stickers you don't have. A great idea, isin't it?

The pack with the figurines inside looks like this.

And this is how the stickers on the back look like.

♡ I hope you have enjoyed this photo - review ♡ 
If you have any request, feel free to ask!