Winx Season 7 Butterflix School stuff in Albania!

10:27 PM InabluMovies 2 Comments

This school year Rainbow has produced brand NEW school Stuff with the Winx girls in their season 7 fashion style and trasformations! 

Today we'll take a look at the #BackToSchool Winx stuff that you can already buy in Albania (Europe)

Winx doodle little bag Price 15,97(euro)

Winx Butterflix Bag -- Price 15,97(euro)

Winx Butterflix Superlight Bag -- Price 48,36€ (euro)

Winx Double Pencilcase -- Price 14,02€ (euro)

Winx Schoolbag -- Price 48,36€ (euro)

For now, i've found only those. What do you think, are they better or uglier than the last years and seaons Winx merchandise? Comment below!


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