Winx Club Fairies Interview!

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Interview the Winx: Flora’s answers!

Hey, fairies! We received so many questions, thank you! Today, I’m going to answer you!
Here are the questions I preferred:
What is you favourite flower?
I love all kinds of flowers! However, I especially love roses, so scented and sweet!
What is your favourite animal?
I really love cats, dogs and... Magiwolves!
What do you like most about Helia?
His sweetness always makes my heart beat fast
And for the person who asked me a tip to grow a tomato plant, I say to always keep it in a sunny area and to water it often!

Interview the Winx: Musa’s answers!

Hey, fairies! After Flora, it’s my turn today!
Here are some of the most curious and nicest questions:
What is your favourite cake?
Chocolate cupcake (I’m such a sweet-tooth!), with plenty of coloured sugar sprinkles!
What kind of music do you prefer?
I like all kind of music genres... yes, including K-pop
Which is the song that helps you freeing your mind?
One in particular? Number 4 in this playlist. Listen to it, isn’t it perfect to dance and go wild, without thinking about anything?
How can you defeat your fears?
The best way to defeat one’s fears is... facing them! I was also very scared at my first concert, but with a deep breath and a lot of determination, all worries were gone!

Interview the Winx: Stella’s answers

Hey fairies! After Flora and Musa, today it’s finally my turn to answer your questions!
Here are some of the questions I liked the most:
Ecco una selezione delle domande che mi sono piaciute di più: 
What is your favourite hairdo?
It depends on the occasion and on the outfit! However, I love tails, little braids and hair gathered up with many elastic hair bands and glittered hair clips... but I also like to wear my hair down with a cool bang!
Where do you get all those outfits and accessories?
Almost every outfit and accessory I wear I create them myself! However, I can’t resist a shopping afternoon with my friends, especially when sales are on! 
What do you most appreciate in Brandon?
I admire his courage and his kindness! I always feel happy and safe with him!
How do you overcome a creative bock in fashion?
When I have a creative block, I go out and take a walk through Alfea’s courtyard or in the garden of Solaria’s Royal Palace! That’s perfect to give me lots of energy and to thinks about new ideas for my next creations!

Interview the Winx: Aisha’s answers

Hello, fairies! After FloraMusa and Stella, today it’s my turn to answer some of your questions!
Here are the ones I chose:
How can you do so many sports without neglecting your studies?
Playing sports is very important to me and I could never quit.
Being very organized, I manage to do everything... and you can make it too, fairies!
Why do you and the Winx have all different powers?
Because, like in any tight-knit group of friends, it is nice to be different and unique! Only in this way, we Winx can defeat our enemies, each one with her own power!
Can you give us an advice to have curly hair?
A very simple tip: After washing and drying your hair, tight it up in a chignon with a hair tie and keep on drying it with the hairdryer! When it will be completely dried, take the hair tie off and... that’s magic!

Interview the Winx: Bloom’s answers!

Hurray! After FloraMusaStella and Aisha, today it’s my turn to answer your questions!
Let’s get started!
How much do you love Kiko?
I adore Kiko! He’s so cute and funny... He is my favourite adventure mate!
The other Winx love him too, he’s our mascot!
What is the best dish you cooked?
After a lot of practice, I’m now very good at baking pizzas... of all kind!
What is the thing you like the most at Alfea?
My bedroom, of course! It is the place that better represents me and where I can relax a bit after school!
Can you give us an advice to become a good fairy?
Always believe in magic.